SHORT FILM: ‘New Arrivals’ by Jen Lim

Jen Lim

At her sister’s baby shower a woman announces that she is getting her tubes tied to the dismay of her entire family.

Looking at this life-changing decision every woman faces and the stigma surrounding it, the film focuses on the contrasts between traditional and modern values and the conflict that ensues as a result of these differences.

Jen Lim first studied at the Beijing Film Academy where she wrote and directed her first short film but then decided to return to the UK and study Film and TV at the University of Bristol. Outside of her course she was continuously creating content including promotional videos, documentaries and shorts. New Arrivals is Jen’s first film after graduating in 2017 and was made with a small budget from Eastside Educational Trust as part of their Sundance Ignite Challenge who crewed up the various productions. The turnover was extremely tight and the whole process was within a few weeks; even the concept was created within 48 hours. Jen is passionate about stories which highlight societal issues and in her own work she has so far covered topics such as addiction, domestic abuse and mental health. Most recently she has been freelancing as a photographer and videographer and also an AD Film trainee with Screenskills. Jen is currently in development with various short films including a short animation which delves into mental health during an especially triggering time as well as short drama about a young boy suffering from eco-anxiety called “Apocalypse Anytime Now” (@aanshortfilm) which has been delayed due to the current COVID-19 crisis but will be filming when things are able.

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