Women Directors


Anne Aghion– My Neighbour My Kikker, Ice People

Ana Lily Amirpour- A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, The Bad Batch

Annette Apitz- Fighting Fish

Asia Argento- Misunderstood, The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things

Andrea Arnold– Fish Tank, American Honey, Wuthering Heights (2011), Red Road

Amma Asante- Belle, A Way of Life, A United Kingdom

Alison Bagnall- The Dish & the Spoon, Funny Bunny, Piggy

Amy Berg- Deliver us from Evil (2006), Janis: Little Girl Blue, West of Memphis, Every Secret Thing, An Open Secret, Prophet’s Prey

Alexandra Berger– Danland

Anna Biller- The Love Witch, Viva

Antonia Bird- Ravenous, Priest, Face, Mad Love

Alix (Alexandra) Blair– Farmer/Veteran

Anna Boden- It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Sugar, Mississippi Grind

Alexandria Bombach– On Her Shoulders

Annie Bradley– Close Encounters

Axelle Carolyn– Soulmate

Amy C. Elliott- Wicker Kitten, World’s Largest

Aisling Chin-Yee– The Rest of Us, No Ordinary Man

Aislinn Clarke– The Devil’s Doorway

Alice Cox Neff- Poisonberry

Ava Duvernay- Selma, Middle of Nowhere, A Wrinkle In Time, 13th

Arantxa Echevarría– Carmen y Lola

Amber Fares– Speed Sisters

Anna Fitch- The Genius of Marian

Anne Fletcher– The Guilt Trip, Step Up, 27 Dresses, The Proposal, Hot Pursuit, Dumplin’

Abby Ginzberg- Agents of Change

Aurora Guerrero- Mosquita Y Mari

Anne Hamilton– American Fable

Amy Heckerling- Clueless, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Look Who’s Talking

Amy Holden Jones- The Slumber Party Massacre, Love Letters, The Rich Man’s Wife

Agnieszka Holland- The Secret Garden, Europa Europa, Olivier Olivier, In Darkness

Annie Howell– Little Boxes, Claire in Motion

Amy Jo Johnson– The Space Between

Angelina Jolie- Unbroken, By the Sea, In The Land of Blood and Honey

Alexandra Juhasz- SCALE: Measuring Might in the Media Age, Video Remains, Women of Vision: 18 Histories in Feminist Film & Video

Alix Lambert- The Mark of Cain, Bayou Blue, Mentor, Deadwood

Alice Lowe– Prevenge

Annetta Marion- Oprah’s Masterclass, Oprah Goes to Broadway: The Colour Purple

Anja Marquardt– She’s Lost Control

Amanda Marsalis- Echo Park

Amanda Micheli– La Corona

Afia Nathaniel– Dukhtar

Augusta Palmer- The Hand of Fatima

Alexi Pappas- Tracktown

Annette Porter- The Aviatrix

Angela Robinson– Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman

Anna Rose Holmer- The Fits

Ashley Sabin– Girl Model

Ani Simon-Kennedy– Days of Gray

Anna-Rose King- Good Enough

Alicia (Lee) Slimmer- My First Car

Agnieszka Smoczynska– The Lure

Athina Rachel Tsangari– Attenberg, Chevalier

Agnes Varda- The Beaches of Agnes, Cleo from 5 to 7, Vagabond, The Gleaners and I, Faces Places

Aisling Walsh- The Daisy Chain, Maudie, Song for a Raggy Boy

Adrienne Weiss– Love, Ludlow

Anouk Whissell– Turbo Kid, Summer of ’84

Alice Winocour– Proxima, Disorder, Augustine


Beth B- Exposed, Two Small Bodies

Barbara Brancaccio- Cropsey

Barri Cohen– Crimes of Passion, Girls’ Night Out

Bonnie Cohen- Audre & Daisy, The Rape of Europa

Brenda Davis– Sister

Bette Gordon– Handsome Harry, Variety

Beyoncé – Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé

Barbara Peeters– Humanoids from the Deep, Summer School Teachers, Bury Me An Angel, The Dark Side of Tomorrow

Barbara Streisand- Yentl, The Mirror has Two Faces, The Prince of Tides

Betty Thomas- John Tucker Must Die, Doctor Doolittle, Private Parts, The Brady Bunch Movie, I Spy, 28 Days


Chantal Akerman- The Captive, No Home Movie, Jeanne Dielman 23 Commerce Quay 1080 Brussels

Clio Barnard- The Selfish Giant, Dark River

Carol Brandt- Pet Names, Things We Found on the Ground, Dear Coward on the Moon

Catherine Breillat- Anatomy of Hell, Romance, A Real Young Girl

Chanya Button– Burn, Burn, Burn, Vita & Virginia

Chanda Chevannes– Living Downstream, That of God

Christina Choe– Nancy

Carol Dalrymple- National Park Symphony- The Mighty Five, We Shall Remain: The Goshute

Claire Denis-Trouble Every Day, 35 Shots of Rum, Beau Travail, White Material

Cheryl Dunye- The Watermelon

Catherine Eaton- The Sounding

Coralie Fargeat– Revenge

Connie Field– Al Helm: Martin Luther King in Palestine

Cheryl Furjanic- Back on Board: Greg Louganis

Catherine Hardwicke- Lords of Dogtown, Twilight, Thirteen, Red Riding Hood, Miss You Already

Cassandra Herrman- Tulia, Texas

Courtney Hunt– Frozen River, The Whole Truth

Christine Jeffs– Sunshine Cleaning, Sylvia, Rain

Christina Kallas- 42 Seconds of Happpiness

Claire Kilner- How To Deal, American Virgin

Caitlin Koller– 30 Miles From Nowhere

Christina Lind– Kali’s Vibe

Cambria Matlow- Burning in the Sun

Carol Morley- The Falling, Edge, Dreams of a Life

Crystal Moselle- The Wolfpack, Skate Kitchen

Cheyenne Picardo- Remedy

Cate Shortland– Berlin Syndrome, Somersault

Chloe Sosa-Sims– Dan and Margot

Chantelle Squires– Reserved to Fight

Celia Rowlson-Hall- MA

Celine Sciamma- Tomboy, Water Lilies, Girlhood

Chloë Sevigny- Kitty

Cindy Sherman– Office Killer

Chris Simon- This Ain’t No Mouse Music!

Corinne Sullivan- Mutso, The Hinterland

Christine Turner– Homegoings

Corrine Van der Borch– Girl with Black Balloons

Christina Voros- Kink

Caryn Waechter- The Sisterhood of Night

Cathy Yan– Dead Pigs, Birds of Prey

Chloe Zhao– The Rider


Desiree Akhavan- Appropriate Behavior, The Miseducation of Cameron Post

Dami Akinnusi- A Tea Room in the Hood

Danielle Arbid– Parisienne

Diane Bell- Bleeding Heart

Deja Brandeis– Hell or High Water: The Story of the Nashville Rollergirls

Dara Bratt– The Singing Abortionist

Deborah Brock- The Slumber Party Massacre II, Rock ‘n’ Roll High School Forever

Dawn D. Valadez– Going on 13

Danishka Esterhazy– Black Field, H&G, Level 16

Dina Fiasconaro– Mom’s and Meds

Deirdre Fishel– Still Doing It

Diane Fraher- The Reawakening

Deniz Gamze Ergüven– Mustang, Kings

Dayna Goldfine- The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden

Deborah Goodwin– The Pastor

Debra Granik- Winter’s Bone, Stray Dog, Down to the Bone, Leave No Trace

Deborah Kampmeier– Split, Hounddog, Virgin

Deborah Kaplan- Can’t Hardly Wait, Josie and the Pussycats

Dara Kell– Dear Mandela

Debra Kirschner- The Tollbooth

Dawn Logsdon– Free for All: Inside the Public Library

Deepa Mehta– Water, Earth, Fire

Dana Nachman- Batkid Begins, The Human Experiment, Love Hate Love, Witch Hunt

Darlene Naponse– Falls Around Her

Dawn Porter– Trapped, Gideon’s Army, Spies of Mississippi

Dee Rees- Pariah, Bessie, Mudbound

Deidre Schoo- Flex is Kings

Dawn Scibilia– HOME

Deb Shoval- AWOL

Diana Whitten- Vessel

Darya Zhuk- Filfak

Denise Zmekhol- Children of the Amazon


Emily Abt- Daddy Don’t Go

Eva Aridjis- Entre Nos

Estelle Artus– The Favor, The Blue Eyes, Children Of The Street, Saint Death, Chuy, The Wolf Man

Em Baker– Spoke

Elizabeth Banks- Pitch Perfect 2

Erika Cohn- In Football We Trust

Erica Fae- Ring Road

Emilia Ferreira– Muck

Emma Franz– Bill Frisell: A Portrait, Intangible Asset Number 82

Emily Hagins- Pathogen, The Retelling, Coin Heist, Grow Up Tony Phillips

Emily Lobsenz– Song of the Basques

Ellen Martinez– After Spring

Emilie McDonald– Evergreen, Bottled Up

Erica Milsom– Snow Day: Life, Death and Skiing

Emily Mkrtichian– India’s Youngest Police Officer

Elisa Paloschi- Embracing Voices

Emmy Scharlatt- In The Image: Palestinian Women Capture the Occupation

Elisabeth Subrin– A Woman, A Part

Elizabeth Thompson- Blink

Emilie Upczak– Moving Parts

Elizabeth Wood- White Girl


Farah Khalid– Dropped

Florencia Manovil- Dyke Central

Francine McDougall- Sugar & Spice

Floria Sigismondi- The Runaways

Frances-Anne Solomon– A Winter Tale, Peggy Su!

Francine Zuckerman– We Are Here


Gabriela Amaral Almeida- A Sombra do Pai, O Animal Cordial

Genevieve Bailey- I Am Eleven, See CV

Gurinder Chadha- Bend it Like Beckham, Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging, Bhaji on The Beach, Bride and Prejudice, Viceroy’s House

Gia Coppola- Palo Alto

Gabriela Cowperthwaite- Blackfish

Geeta Gandbhir– A Journey of a Thousand Miles

Greta Gerwig– Lady Bird, Little Women

Gigi Saul Guerrero– Culture Shock

Gayle Kirschenbaum– A Dog’s Life: A Dogamentary

Gina (Georgine) Leibrecht– How To Smell a Rose: A Visit with Ricky Leacock in Normandy

Gina Prince-Bythewood– Beyond the Lights, Love & Basketball, The Secret Life of Bees

Gabrielle Provaas- Meet the Fokkens, Plastic Harem

Gillian Robespierre- Obvious Child, Landline

Genevieve Roudane– The Chunta

Gren Wells- The Road Within


Haiffa Al-Mansour- Wadjda, Mary Shelley 

Houda Benyamina- Divines

Hilary Brougher- Stephanie Daley, Sticky Fingers of Time, South Mountain                                                                                              

Hélène Cattet- Amer, The Strange Colour of your Body’s Tears

Holly Dale– Blood & Donuts

Heidi Ewing- Jesus Camp, Freakonomics, Detropia, The Boys of Baraka

Hannah Fidell- 6 Years, A Teacher

Heidi Hartwig– Wonder Valley

Helen Hunt- Ride (2014), Then She Found Me

Helen De Michiel- Lunch Love Community

Helen Walsh- The Violators


Isabella Eklöf- Holiday

Issa Lopez- Tigers are not Afraid

Isabel Sandoval– Apparition

Ingrid Veninger– Porcupine Lake, I Am a Good Person/I Am a Bad Person, Only


Jane Arden– The Other Side of the Underneath, Anti-Clock

Joanna Arnow– I HATE MYSELF 🙂 : A Documentary

Jessie Auritt- The Birdman

Jamie Babbit-But I’m a Cheerleader, Itty Bitty Titty Committee, Addicted to Fresno

Jill Bauer- Hot Girls Wanted, Sexy Baby

Jackie van Beek– The Breaker Upperers

Julie Bridgham- The Sari Soliders

Jennifer Callahan- Everything is Different Now

Jessica Cameron- Truth or Dare (2013), Mania

Jill Campbell- Mr. Chibbs

Jane Campion- The Piano, Bright Star, Sweetie, In The Cut

Jordan Canning– We Were Wolves

Joan Chen- Autumn In New York, Xiu Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl

Jessie Deeter- Who Killed the Electric Car?

Julia Ducournau- Raw

Judith Ehrlich– The Most Dangerous Man in America

Jan Eliasberg– Past Midnight

Jodie Foster- Money Monster, The Beaver, Home for the Holidays, Little Man Tate

Jennifer Fox– My Reincarnation

Jen Gilomen- Life on the Line

Janet Grillo- Fly Away

Jyllian Gunther– The New Public

Julia Hart- Miss Stevens, Fast Color

Jessica Hausner– Little Joe, Lourdes, Lovely Rita

Jen Heck- The Promised Band

Judith Helfand– A Healthy Baby Girl, Blue Vinyl, Everything’s Cool

Jupiter J. Makins– Bigfoot and the Burton’s

Jennifer Kent- The Babdadook, The Nightingale

Jackie Kong- Blood Diner, The Being, Night Patrol, The Under Achievers

Jenée LaMarque- The Pretty One, The Feels

Jennifer Lee– Frozen

Julia Leigh- Sleeping Beauty (2011)

Jennifer Liao- End of Days, Inc. What You Eat

Jennie Livingston- Paris is Burning

Julia Loktev- Day Night Day Night, The Loneliest Planet

Jennifer Lynch– Boxing Helena, Chained

Jenny Mackenzie- Dying in Vein: The Opiate Generation

Jess Manafort- Remember the Daze

Jennifer Maytorena Taylor– New Muslim Cool, Paulina

Jen McGowan– Rust Creek, Kelly & Cal

Joan Micklin Silver– Big Girls Don’t Cry…They get Even, Loverboy, Head Over Heels, Between the Lines

Jessica M. Thompson– The Light of the Moon

Jehane Noujaim- The Square, Control Room

Jackie Ochs– Vietnam: The Secret Agent

Jennifer Phang- Advantageous, Still Life, Half-Life

Jane Pollard- 20,000 Days on Earth

Jenna Ricker- Ben’s Plan

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson– Someone Great

Jessica Scalise- Zilla and Zoe

Jennifer Schwerin– Talking Trash

Jordan Scott- Cracks

Justine Shapiro- Promises, Our Summer in Tehran

Jessica Sharzer- Speak

Jessica Sherry- Waiting for John

Jennifer Siebel Newsom– Miss Representation, The Mask You Live In

Jennifer Steinman– Desert Runners, Motherland

Julia Solomonoff- The Last Summer of La Boyita

Julie Taymor- Frida, Across the Universe, Titus, The Tempest (2010), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2014)

Jennifer Townsend- Catching Sight of Thelma & Louise

Justine Triet– Sibyl, In Bed with Victoria, Age of Panic

Jessica Vale- Small Small Thing: The Olivia Zinnah Story

Jürgen Vsych- Ophelia Learns to Swim

Jovanka Vuckovic– The Captured Bird, XX

Jane Weinstock- Easy, The Moment

Jamila Wignot– Layover, A STRAY

Jessica Wolfson– Radio Unnameable

Joyce Wong– Wexford Plaza

Jenn Wrexler– The Ranger

Julie Wyman– Strong!

Jennifer Yuh Nelson– The Darkest Minds, Kung Fu Panda 2


Kimberlee Acquaro– Miss Representation

Katie Aselton– Black Rock, The Freebie

Kathryn Bigelow- Point Break (1991), Near Dark, The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty, Strange Days

Kay Cannon– Blockers

Kiara C. Jones– Christmas Wedding Baby

Kat Coiro- A Case of You, And While We Were Here, L!fe Happens

Kim Cummings- In Montauk

KT Curran– The First Time Club

Kirsten D’Andrea Hollander– Us, Naked: Trixie and Monkey

Katie Dellamaggiore- Brooklyn Castle

Kim Dempster- Marmalade

Katherine Dieckmann– Strange Weather

Kirsten Dunst– The Bell Jar

Karin Fahlén– Stockholm Stories

Kelly Fremon Craig– The Edge of Seventeen

Karen Gillan– The Party’s Just Beginning

Kayti Grant– The One Who Loves You

Kristen Hanggi– Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List, Grantham & Rose

Karin Hayes- We’re Not Broke, The Kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt

Katherine Jerkovic– Roads in February

Kavery Kaul– Long Way From Home

Katarzyna Kochany– MAC Couch

Karyn Kusama– The Invitation, Jennifer’s Body, Aeon Flux, XX, Girlfight

Kris Lefcoe- Public Domain

Kasi Lemmons- Eve’s Bayou, Talk To Me, Black Nativity

Kate Logan- Kidnapped for Christ

Kate Melville- Picture Day

Kyoko Miyake– Brakeless

Kristina Nikolova- Faith, Love & Whiskey

Kristen Nutile– Sally Gross: The Pleasure of Stillness

Kimberly Pierce- Boys Don’t Cry, Carrie (2013), Stop-Loss

Kelly Reichardt- Meek’s Cutoff, Certain Women, Night Moves, Wendy and Lucy

Kate Schermerhorn– Seeking 1906

Katt Shea- The Rage: Carrie 2, Dance of the Damned, Poison Ivy

Kirsten Sheridan- August Rush, Disco Pigs, Dollhouse

Kimi Takesue– Where Are You Taking Me? 95 and 6 To Go

Kate Thompson-Gorry- Chaos in the Kalahari


Louise Alston- Jucy, All My Friends are Leaving Brisbane

Lisa Azuelos- LOL, Dalida, Quantum Love

Lisa Barros D’Sa- Good Vibrations, Cherrybomb

Lake Bell- In A World

Laura Belsey– Criminal Minds

Laura Checkoway– Lucky

Lexi Alexander– Punisher: War Zone

Lisa Cholodenko- The Kids are Alright, High Art, Cavedweller, Laurel Canyon

Liv Corfixen- My Life Directed by Nicholas Winding Refn

Laurie Coyle- Orozco: Man of Fire

Lisa D’Apolito- Love Gilda

Lena Dunham- Tiny Furniture, Creative Nonfiction

Lina Esco– Free the Nipple

Liz Garbus- Girlhood (2003), What Happened Miss Simone?

Liz Garcia- The Lifeguard, One Percent More Humid

Lisa Gottlieb– Just One of the Guys, Across the Moon, Cadillac Ranch

Lauren Greenfield- The Queen of Versailles, Thin

Lucia Grillo– Earth Dream Earth, Testardi

Lucile Hadzihalilovic– Evolution (2015), Innocence, La Bouche de Jean-Pierre

Linda Hassani- Dark Angel: The Ascent

Leslye Headland- Bachelorette, Sleeping with Other People

Laura Israel- Windfall

Lisa Jackson- The Embargo Project

Laetitia Jacquart– L’aire

Leigh Janiak– Honeymoon

Liza Johnson– Elvis & Nixon, Hateship Loveship

Logan Kibens- Operator

Louisiana ‘Lucy’ Kreutz– ’61 Bullets’

Lisa Krueger– Manny & Lo, Committed

Lillian LaSalle– MY NAME IS PEDRO

Laura Lau- Silent House

Lesli Linka Glatter- Now and Then, The Proposition

Leah Mahan– Come Hell or High Water: The Battle for Turkey Creek

Liz Marshall– The Ghosts in Our Machine

Lucrecia Martel- The Headless Woman, The Holy Girl, La Ciénaga

Leslie McCleave- Road

Lauren Miller– Like Father

Laura Naylor– Duck Beach to Eternity, The Fix

Laura Neri– Kill the Habit

Liz Nord- Jericho’s Echo: Punk Rock in the Holy Land

Livia De Paolis– Emoticon

Lina Plioplyte- Advanced Style

Laura Plotkin– Gulabi Gang, Red Rain, 21

Laura Poitras- Citizen Four, Risk, The Oath

Lynne Ramsay- We Need To Talk About Kevin, Ratcatcher, Morvern Callar

Lise Raven- Kinderwald, Stride, Snipe, Low

Lisa Robinson– Small Beautifully Moving Parts

Lorene Scafaria- Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, The Meddler

Lone Scherfig- The Riot Club, An Education, One Day, Their Finest

Lacey Schwartz- Little White Lie

Lara Shapiro- Marathon ’67

Leslie Shearing– Unscrewed

Lynn Shelton- Laggies, Your Sisters Sister, Say When, Touchy Feely, Humpday

Linsey Stewart- Bickford Park

Lara Stolman- Swim Team, Prior to Swim Team

Lynn True– Lumo, Summer Pasture

Lana & Lilly Wachowski- The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, Jupiter Ascending, Bound, Speed Racer, Cloud Atlas

Louise Wadley– All About E, To Russia With Love

Lulu Wang– The Farewell

Laurie Weltz- About Scout

Lina Wertmüller– Love & Anarchy, The Seduction of Mimi, Swept Away, Seven Beauties

Lana Wilson- After Tiller

Lauren Wolkstein– The Strange Ones


Maya Angelou- Down in the Delta

Minhal Baig– Hala

Marie-Helene Carleton– Once Upon a Time in Sarajevo, Identity and Exile, Off The Rails, Who Owns Yoga

Monia Chokri– A Brother’s Love

Marya Cohn– The Girl in the Book

Martha Coolidge– Valley Girl, The Prince and Me, Material Girls

Mati Diop– Atlantique

Mia Donovan- Deprogrammed, Inside Lara Roxx

Mary Dore- She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry

Maya Forbes– Infinitely Polar Bear,

Mary Harron- American Psycho, I Shot Andy Warhol, The Moth Diaries, The Notorious Bettie Page

Marielle Heller– The Diary of a Teenage Girl, Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Madeleine Hetherton– The Surgery Ship

Marianne Hettinger- Mango Tango

Mars Horodyski– Ben’s At Home

Mandie Fletcher– Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, Deadly Advice

Mirrah Foulkes– Judy and Punch

Maya Gallus- Derby Crazy Love

Maria Giese– When Saturday Comes

Maureen Gosling- Final Editor: A Dangerous Idea

Marcia Jarmel– Havana Curveball

Maureen Judge– My Millennial Life, Living Dolls, Mom’s House

Miranda July- Me, You and Everyone We Know, The Future

Mischa Kamp- Jongens, Winky’s Horse

Maryam Keshavarz– Circumstance

Mary Lambert- Pet Semetary, Grand Isle, Siesta, The In Crowd, Clubland

Mimi Leder– On the Basis of Sex, Deep Impact, The Peacemakers

Micah Magee– Petting Zoo

Maria Maggenti- The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love

Maria Matteoli- The Wine of Summer

Melanie Mayron- Mean Girls 2, Little Women Big Cars, Slap Her She’s French! The Babysitters Club

Molly McGlynn- Mary Goes Round, Workin’ Mom’s

Morag McKinnon– I Am Breathing, Donkeys

Mariette Monpierre- Elza

Merete Mueller– TINY: A Story About Living Small

Marilyn Mulford– Freedom on My Mind

Mira Nair– The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Monsoon Wedding, Queen of Katwe, Mississippi Masala!

Madeleine Olnek– Lesbian Space Aliens

Myra Paci– Searching for Paradise

Madellaine Paxson– Blood Punch

Miranda de Pencier– The Grizzlies

Michelle “Shelly” Prevost– Trained in the Ways of Men

Maria Pulera– Between Worlds

Mara Ravins– Matin Dans Une Foret de Pins

Michele Remsen– Toss It

Megan Riakos– Crushed

Marialy Rivas- Young and Wild

Mariana Rondón– Bad Hair, At Midnight and a Half, Postcards from Leningrad

Madeleine Sami– The Breaker Upperers

Marina Sargenti– Mirror Mirror (1990)

Marjane Satrapi- Persepolis, Chicken with Plums, The Voices, The Gang of the Jotas

Martha Shane- After Tiller

Maria Solrun– Adam, Jargo

Marah Strauch- Sunshine Superman

Maxine Trump- Musicwood

Marina de Van– In My Skin, Don’t Look Back, Dark Touch

Miao Wang– Maineland, Beijing Taxi

Malika Zouhali Worrall– Call Me Kuchu


Niki Caro- North Country, The Zookeeper’s Wife, Whale Rider

Nia DaCosta– Little Woods

Nosipho Dumisa– Number 37

Natalie van den Dungen– Bunny New Girl, Persecution Blues: The Battle for the Tote

Nora Ephron- Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Bewitched, Julie & Julia, Lucky Numbers

Naomi Foner- Very Good Girls

Nicole Franklin- Little Brother: Things Fall Apart, I Was Made to Love Her: The Double Dutch Documentary

Nisha Ganatra- Chutney Popcorn, Cake

Nicole Holofcener– The Land of Steady Habits, Enough Said, Please Give, Friends with Money

Naomi Jaye- The Pin

Nancy Kates- Regarding Susan Sontag

Nancy Kelly– Rebels with a Cause

Nadine Labaki- Caramel, Where Do We Go Now?

Nicolina Lanni- Lost and Found

Natalia Leite- Bare, M.F.A

Nina Ljeti– Memoria, Blood Surf

Nancy Meyers- What Women Want, Its Complicated, The Intern, The Holiday, The Parent Trap, Something’s Gotta Give

Natalie Moore DeGennaro– Powerplegic

Nimisha Mukerji- Tempest Storm

Nijla Mu’min– Jinn

Nicole Opper- Off and Running, Visitor’s Day

Nora Poggi- She Started It

Natalie Portman– A Tale of Love and Darkness

Nicole Quinn- Racing Daylight

Nancy Savoca– Dogfight, True Love, The 24 Hour Woman, Household Saints, If These Walls Could Talk

Nicole Teeny- Bible Quiz

Nadine Valcin– A School Without Borders



Priscilla Anany- Hospitals

Patricia Cardoso- Real Women Have Curves

Petra Costa- Olmo and the Seagull, Elena

Pamela French- Becoming More Visible

Pearl Gluck– Divan

Patty Jenkins- Monster, Wonder Woman (2017)

Philly de Lacey- The Monster of Mangatiti

Penny Lane– Hail Satan?

Phyllida Lloyd- Mamma Mia! The Iron Lady

Penny Marshall- Riding in Cars with Boys, Big, A League of their Own, The Preacher’s Wife, Awakenings

Pam Minty- Direct Route

Pratibha Parmar- Nina’s Heavenly Delights, Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth

Pamela Romanowsky- The Adderall Diaries/True Deception, The Institute

Patricia Rozema- Into the Forest, Mansfield Park, White Room

Penelope Spheeris- Wayne’s World, The Decline of Western Civilisation, Suburbia, the Boys Next Door, The Little Rascals

Petra Volpe– Dreamland



Raja Amari– Foreign Body, Satin Rouge

Rebecca Barry– I Am A Girl, Footy Chicks

Rahma Benhamou El Madani– Tagnawittude

Rémy Bennett- Buttercup Bill

Risa Bramon Garcia- 200 Cigarettes, The Con Artist

Regan Brashear- Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement

Roxann Dawson– Breakthrough

Rose Glass– Saint Maud

Ronna Gradus- Hot Girls Wanted, Sexy Baby

Rachel Grady- Jesus Camp, Freakonomics, Detropia, The Boys of Baraka

Rebecca Haimowitz- Made in India

Rachel Lears– The Hand That Feeds

Rose McGowan- Dawn

Rebecca Miller- The Ballad of Jack & Rose, Maggie’s Plan, Angela, Personal Velocity

Reed Morano– I Think We’re Alone Now, The Rhythm Section

Ramaa Mosely- The Brass Teapot

Rosemary Myers– Girl Asleep

Ruba Nada- October Gale, Cairo Time, Inescapable, Sabah

Roz (Rosamund) Owen- Portrait of Resistance

Rebecca Snow- Viking Women

Rachel Talalay– Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, Tank Girl

Rebecca Thomas- Electrick Children

Romi Trower– What If It Works?

Rachel Wortell– A Sibling Mystery


Sarvnaz Alambeigi- Tomorrowland

Sini Anderson- The Punk Singer

Sophie Barthes- Madame Bovary (2014), Cold Souls

Shari Berman– My Life as Abraham Lincoln

Susanne Bier– Brothers, In a Better World, After the Wedding, Love is all You Need, Bird Box

Sophia Cacciola– Clickbait

Steph Ching– After Spring

Sara Colangelo– The Kindergarten Teacher, Little Accidents

Sophie Constantinou– Divided Loyalties

Suzanne Coote– The Open House

Sophia Coppola- Lick The Star, The Virgin Suicides, The Bling Ring, Somewhere, Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette, The Beguiled

Sara Dosa- The Last Season

Sonia Escolano– House of Sweat and Tears

Shaina Feinberg– The Babymooners

Sophie Fiennes- The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema, The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology

Susanna Fogel- Life Partners

Sadaf Foroughi– Ava

Sydney Freeland- Drunktown’s Finest, Deidra and Laney Rob a Train

Samantha Futerman- Twinsters

Sarah Gavron- Suffragette, Brick Lane

Sarah Goodman- When We Were Boys

Samantha Grant- A Fragile Trust: Plagiarism, Power and Jayson Blair at the New York Times

Suki Hawley– Raditation

Sian Heder- Tallulah

Sania Jhankar– Butterflies of Bill Baker

Susan Johnson- Carrie Pilby, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Saila Kariat– The Valley, Neighbors, Intertwined

Sarah Kernochan– Strike!

Simona Kostova- Thirty

Sharon Lewis- Karma’s a B*tch!

Shari Lynette Carpenter– Kali’s Vibe

Samira Makhmalbaf- The Apple, Blackboards, At Five in the Afternoon

Sophie Mathisen– Drama

Stella Meghie- Everything Everything, Jean of the Joneses

Sharpen Obaid-Chinoy– Song of Lahore, A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness

Sophie Peyrard- Retro Revolution, Pin-Up: The Revenge of a Sex Symbol

Sarah Pirozek- Free Tibet, #LIKE

Shira Piven- Welcome to Me, Fully Loaded

Sarah Polley- Take This Waltz, Away From Her

Sally Potter- Ginger & Rosa, Orlando, The Man Who Cried, The Tango Lesson

Saskia Rifkin– Can Hitler Happen Here?

Susan Rynard- The Messenger (2015)

Susan Seidelman- Desperately Seeking Susan, She-Devil, Making Mr Right, Cookie

Sarah Sifers– Fate of the Lhapa

Susan Skoog- Whatever

Shari Springer Berman– 10,000 Saints, Girl Most Likely, American Splendour

The Soska Sisters- American Mary, See No Evil 2, Vendetta

Susanna Styron- Shadrach

Sara Sugarman- Vinyl, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Mad Cows, Very Annie Mary

Sara Summa– The Last to See Them

Sophia Takal- Always Shine, Green

Sandi Tan– Shirkers

Sam Taylor-Johnson– Nowhere Boy, Fifty Shades of Grey

Stewart Thorndike– Lyle

Stacy Title– The Bye Bye Man, The Last Supper, Let The Devil Wear Black

Stavroula Toska– Beneath the Olive Tree

Sharon Wilharm– Summer of ’67, Providence, The Good Book

So Yong Kim- For Ellen, Treeless Mountain, In Between Days, Lovesong


Tiffany Bartok- Larger Than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin Story

Trish Dalton– Election Year

Tamra Davis- Half Baked, Crossroads, Billy Madison, The Wonder of Sex, Guncrazy

Tina Gharavi- I Am Nasrine

Tiffany Hsiung- The Apology

Tamara Jenkins- Slums of Beverly Hills, The Savages

Tara Johns– The Year Dolly Parton was my Mom

Toni Kalem- A Slipping-Down

Theresa Loong- Every Day is a Holiday

Talia Lugacy- Descent

Tonia Mishiali– Pause

Teona Strugar Mitevska- God Exists Her Name is Pertunya, The Woman Who Brushed off Her Tears, How I Killed a Saint

Tatia Rosenthal- $9.99

Thea Sharrock– Me Before You

Therese Shechter– How To Lose Your Virginity

Tiffany Shlain- The Adaptable Mind

Tara Subkoff- #Horror,

Tanya Wexler– Hysteria, Ball in the House, Finding North

Tsivia Barkai Yacov– Red Cow


Ursula Laing– 9-Man


Vicki Abeles- The Race to Nowhere

Valentina Canavesio– Footprint

Vera Chytilova- Daises, Traps, Fruit of Paradise, The Inheritance or FuckOffGuysGoodDay, Calamity, Something Different

Veronique Doumbe– Imbabazi

Valerie Faris- Ruby Sparks, Little Miss Sunshine

Vanessa Gould– OBIT, Between the Folds

Viktoria I.V. King– Gray’s Disconnect

Victoria Lean– After the Last River

Victoria Mahoney– Yelling to the Sky

Victoria Negri– Gold Star

Vaishali Sinha– Made In India


Whitney Hamilton- My Brother’s War

Wanuri Kahiu– Rafiki


Xan Cassavetes- Kiss of the Damned (2012)


Yuriko Gamo Romer– Mrs. Judo: Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful

Yolanda Ramke– Cargo

Yoruba Richen– The New Black


Contributions to this list from Chloe Leeson, Film Fatales and Ferdosa Abdi.

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  1. Superb list but missing some major figures from film history!

    Alice Guy Blanche
    Dorothy Arzner
    Ida Lupino
    Leni Riefenstahl
    Mary Pickford
    Doris Wishman
    Julia Crawford Ivers
    Tanaka Kinuyo
    Larisa Shepitko


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