CHLOEChloe Leeson is the founder of Screenqueens. She is 21 and from the north of England (the proper north). She believes Harmony Korine is the future and is pretty sure she coined the term ‘selfie central’. She doesn’t like Pina Coladas or getting caught in the rain but she does like Ezra Miller a whole lot. Her favourite films are Into The Wild, The Beach and Lords of Dogtown. But DON’T talk to her about Paranormal Activity. She rants about cinema screenings @kawaiigoff.



MELANIEMelanie Sutherland is an 21 y/o from Aber~dream~, Scotland. Disney/horror enthusiast and shopaholic, she likes Reservoir Dogs and Bring it On. Hit her up @mazsuds.





REBAReba Martin is an 18 year old from Bristol. She’s been obsessed with the Simpsons since before she could walk, and watches it religiously to this day. Her hobbies include planning to go to the cinema, and going to the cinema. A few favourite films are Eraserhead, Ghost World, and Clerks. You look at her movie diary here and she tweets @rebaxmartin




ASHLEYAshley is a 18 year old from Norwich. She loves Belle and Sebastian, Taylor Swift, dancing badly and porridge, mostly. Her favourite films include Frances Ha, The Royal Tenenbaums and Beasts of the Southern Wild. She has a very deep affinity with that bit in Inside Llewyn Davis where he stares at toilet wall graffiti that says ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING?’. Tends to tweet about her life in an over-dramatic way @heartswellss.


Caroline hails from the home state of her hero, Bruce Springsteen. She has an infinite and ever-expanding list of favorite films, but her top three will always be Dog Day Afternoon, Raging Bull, and The Lord of the Rings. Caroline loves cheesy 1980s teen comedies, Mad Men, young Al Pacino, and films with moving musical sequences. She has an MA degree in Cinema Studies and writes for her blog You can follow her on Twitter @crolinss and Instagram @crolins


Juliette Faraone is 26 and feels it. She hails from the great Midwest and her habits include petting her cats, watching clips from old musicals on Youtube, and trying to figure out if she loves or hates Lars von Trier. In 2016, Juliette served as editorial assistant at Ms. Magazine in Los Angeles and is currently working on her MA in Cinema Studies at SCAD. Her favorite movies include Meet Me In St. Louis, Volver, and Waitress. Her writings on women and film can be found at

CHEROKEECherokee is a 20-something year old weirdo based in London. She has a morbid fascination with Justin Bieber, is a collector of toys and cute hats, and enjoys musing on popular culture, marathoning Dragon Ball Z, reading comics and napping. Her favourite films include Akira, the LOTR and original Star Wars trilogy, The Matrix, The Warriors, Blue Valentine, My Own Private Idaho and anything that has been touched by the gods she worships (David Lynch, Jean Cocteau and Satoshi Kon).


ZOEZoë Brennan lives in Bristol. She would do anything for curly hair and loves Phillip Seymour Hoffman with all her heart. She spends lots of time at the theatre, reading, drawing and going to the cinema. Her favourite film genres include police comedies and teen witch films. She tweets quite unincredibley @zoebrennanhi and you can see her film diary here




RENARena (/Lae·na/) is a 17 year old high school student from the USA. She really enjoys coming-of-age movies and is especially concerned with the A E S T H E T I C of a film. She loves Sofia Coppola with all her heart and is still waiting for a response to the hundreds of mail she has sent her.  Her favorite movies are Amélie, The Virgin Suicides, An Education, Ginger and Rosa, and 500 Days of Summer. She blogs over at



JOANNAJoanna Mason (preferably Joey) is 20and lives in Bristol in England. Her favourite things are when dogs smile and European supermarkets. She’s also completely head over heels in love with Simon Pegg. Some of her favourite films are Amelie, Fight Club, Donnie Darko and anything directed by Wes Anderson, but this list is ever-growing. You can follow her on twitter @JOEYANANA if you like.



hannahHannah is 19, lives in Cardiff and is into female protagonists, visually pleasing movies and Star Wars. Her favourite films include Pan’s Labyrinth, Casino Royale and Richard Linklater’s Before trilogy. She generally prefers dogs to people and you can find her talking endlessly about films at @_hannahryan on Twitter.




cristinaFrom Pixar to Studio Ghibli, from Live-action to Claymation, from Wizards to Hobbits, from French New Wave to Horror, from the symmetrical, warm-hued dream of Wes Anderson to the dark, twisted nightmare of Tim Burton, from the bloody, vengeful mind of Quentin Tarantino to the theatrical, contemporary spirit of Baz Luhrmann, 20-year-old Cristina loves it all. Her desire to study film at Seattle University sprung from a childhood of video store rentals and collecting movie tickets (she currently has over 100 tickets and made a mini curtain out of them). Picking her favorite films makes her anxious because she doesn’t want any of them to feel left out. However, she does thoroughly enjoy Amélie, Everything is Illuminated, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Pan’s Labyrinth. Mostly because they stab her in the feels. Yeah, those are good. Hit her up (or creep) on Tumblr: and Twitter: @cristinarwhal.


ANGELAngel Lloyd is 18 and lives in Newcastle though is currently studying at University of York. A graduate of Northern Stars Documentary Academy and the BFI Screenwriting Academy, she is known amongst family and friends as a film fanatic, her infinite list of favourite movies including: Rear Window, Across the Universe, Pulp Fiction and Silver Linings Playbook. Stuck on an island, she would be content with her two favourite albums, T Rex’s The Slider and The Beatles’ Revolver. Whilst making short films, designing movie posters, blogging at , film reviewing at and occasionally quoting Withnail, she also finds the time to obsess over Breaking Bad, Sweeney Todd and Baz Luhrmann films.




Laura Hague is 18 and lives in Newcastle, in the north of England. She tweets at ccaliforniadaze and blogs at enjoys wasting her time on IMDb and wishing she was April Ludgate, and her three favourite films are (probably) Annie Hall, Pulp Fiction and The Wolf of Wall Street.




SHARONSharon is a 16-year-old zombie warrior from the south-east of England, who adores Wes Anderson; excessively taking photos with disposable cameras and reading books (The Bell Jar; The Help, Memoirs of a Geisha; The Name Of This Book Is Secret series and Catcher In The Rye are some favourites). When it comes to films, she’s a fanatic – from indie films and features to foreign (preferably French) films and those set in the 1900s as they have a certain nostalgia to them. She talks about all sorts of things, including films, at her blog for teens and other cool breeds and species called WisdomTooth. Plus, she posts photography on Instagram, which she v. strangely only recently discovered, tweets the occasional song lyric on Twitter and excessively pins collages and fancy still-life photography on her Pinterest account.


TYLERCanonically, 23 year old Tyler hails from Fairbanks, AK. But as that is a pretty boring origin story, he prefers to tell people he’s a fabulous creature of the ocean, banished from the aquatic depths because all the other merfolk were hella jealous. Currently residing in South Korea, he one day hopes to work in fashion and entertainment. His guilty pleasures include overpriced cosmetics, trashy reality TV and B-List horror flicks and his top 3 films of all time are Showgirls, Mean Girls and Heathers. He can be found regularly avoiding responsibility at his Tumblr  (cryface-larddick) or stalking drag queens on Twitter (TDziubinski)

SHAIANNEShaianne is an 18 year old student from New York, currently at university in London. She is a stand up comedian, but only in her dreams and her obsession with Twin Peaks will most likely be her downfall. Her infinite list of favorite films include The Virgin Suicides, Donnie Darko, Fight Club and everything Wes Anderson has ever made. Watch her tweet embarrassing declarations of love to members of One Direction here: @shaialabeouf


AMEENAAmeena is a 23 year old from Birmingham, UK. Her fave movies are Scream, American Psycho and all of The Rock’s instagram posts. Putlocker saved her life. Follow her on Twitter @Minch05.

ashleighAshleigh is a 20-something grandpa from Durham, North Carolina. If you make it past her fortress of books you might find her chatting endlessly (to no one in particular) about the sonic characterisations of women in film. To that end, she is currently pursuing a dual masters in Cinema Studies and Sound Design from Savannah College of Art & Design. She knows every word to The Princess Bride, is a sucker for Centre Stage and Bring it On and consiers director Todd Haynes her queer spiritual soulmate. You can follow her music-making alter-ego Brett.Ashleigh on Soundcloud here, or read her irreverent tweets @13cupsofcoffee. 

MAYAMaya is a seventeen year old from Lincolnshire who spends all her time thinking about teen films, Gael Garcia Bernal and feminism.  Her favourite films include Pride, Mood Indigo, Lore, and Ida. Tweet her about burritos @ayaM_esoR

Megan is a 20 year old drop out from Cambridge. She is starting her second attempt at university this year and is hoping to avoid disaster this time around. Most of her time is spent either reading or binge-playing video games. Don’t talk to her about End of Watch or Night Flight as she still hasn’t emotionally recovered from them, and probably never will. Her favourite films are Drive, The Handmaiden, Ghost World and Mad Max: Fury Road.


When she’s not chowing down on dumplings or sleeping for twelve consecutive hours, eighteen year old Kassandra is most likely marathoning Rick and Morty in the comfort of her own abode in Swedenland. That, or swooning over the works of Don Hertzfeldt whose World of Tomorrow is up to par with her other favorite picture, 12 Angry Men. Follow her @krlstrm.

LOUISELouise is an 18-year-old from Cambridgeshire studying Film and English at university in Manchester. She loves video editing in her spare time (usually music videos and film clip compilations) and secretly aims to be the next Sally Menkes. Her favourite films are kept on a stupidly long list on her phone, but her current go to top three are Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Lost In Translation, and We Are The Best. You can follow her at @louise.pam on instagram or @dungalouise on twitter.



oliviaOlivia is an 19 year old from the US, originally from Chicago but currently attending film school in Boston with hopes of becoming a screenwriter. One day, she hopes she will write a film so insightful that her parents will think maybe letting her live a thousand miles away from them as a teenager was worth it. She likes movies with lots of words or at least a few words that mean something. Whip it, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Beginners, and A League of Their Own are some of her favorites.



MARIANNE ELOISE Marianne Eloise is a 23 year old writer, journalist, and film academic based in Brighton. She is a shameless consumer of most pop culture, and can usually be found at the beach or in front of a screen. Her three favourite films are The Silence of the Lambs, Drive, and A Series of Unfortunate Events. You can find her Twitter @marianne_eloise, her blog at and her portfolio at




Sophie is a 20-year old college student studying English and American Studies. She likes to creative writing as a form of self-expression and procrastination. Her other interests include music, playing guitar badly, and enjoying the great outdoors from the even greater indoors. You can follow her at @filossofee and find links to more of her work here.



Eszter Jászfalvi is a 16 year old femme from Budapest, Hungary, who’s a self-proclaimed perfectionist, a budding actress, a bibliophile and a beginner cook. Her favourite films include The Virgin SuicidesMarie Antoinette, Psycho, Donnie Darko, The Imitation Game and Brokeback Mountain. She’ll watch anything that Tim Burton and Wes Anderson makes, and whatever Dane Dehaan and Mia Wasikowska acts in. She’s also a serious binge watcher of all the good shows, such as Mr. Robot, Gossip Girl, American Horror Story, Bates Motel and Reign, also Black-ish. You can find her on Instagram @esztisworld and on Tumblr at

Kelsie Dickinson is a 21 year old super-gay film student at UCLAN in Preston. She writes part-time for her uni’s paper The Pulse and is a lover of any indie horrors and films with nice lighting. Her favourite films are Lost in Translation, the original Evil Dead and It Follows. You can follow her on twitter @punkrocket_ and under the same user on instagram.


ART CONTRIBUTORS (their names are linked to pieces that contain their artwork, not the writing)

SARAH KSarah Kennedy is a 19 year-old artist from Atlanta, GA. She spends her time wisely by making collages & eating ice cream cake alone in her bed. While she does make room in her heart for directors Mike Mills, Spike Jonze, & Harmony Korine, her one & only true love is Miranda July.  Her favorite films are typically ones she’s either seen as a child (Matilda, Babe, & The Sandlot) or ones she’s watched most recently (Palo Alto, The Double, & Frances Ha.) Follow her on twitter @notSarahKennedy or on tumblr @incrediblenothing if you dare.

CHARLOTTECharlotte Southall is 18 and a sequin queen from Birmingham, UK. She likes glitter and Kristen Stewart but will never admit to you that she is a Twilight fan. She believes she is the love child of Magenta from Rocky Horror and Freddie Mercury and spends her time painting/tweeting (about Joan Jett probably) @friesthellama.


ELLIE HOSKINSEllie Hoskins is a 20 year old artist and illustrator from up north with a keen eye for arty-farty cinematography and plots based around the lives of intellects. Whether she’s chilling with Ginsberg and Kerouac in Kill Your Darlings, or Virginia Woolf in The Hours, she will always be lusting over the life of a writer and envisioning a biopic based on her own life. When the pressures of living up to her writing heroes becomes overwhelming, you’ll find her sketching vaginas and watching anything from David Lynch’s ‘Dumbland’ animations to ‘sharon osbourne’s funniest moments on x factor’,needless to say Ellie finds joy in a range of (hopeless) places, and likes to let the world know about it @floatyflo

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