WEB SERIES ALERT: Radical Cram School – “It’s like Sesame Street for the Resistance’

Elizabeth Banks’ women comedy platform WhoHaha releases a new project every month as part of their Series Spotlight initiative, pairing with women creators to produce funny and innovative content.

Their most recent web series is Radical Cram School from Kristina Wong. It’s an unscripted series of educational comedy sketches that pairs Kristina herself with young girls of colour in a classroom environment that breaks down big issues like structural racism and the patriarchy so its understandable for kids. Kristina hopes to empower young Asian girls and other girls of colour to embrace their identities and fight for social justice.

Kristina Wong is a performance artist, writer and comedian. She’s appeared on both Comedy Central and FX and has performed internationally.

You can watch the whole series of Radical Cram School for free on WhoHaha.


by Chloe Leeson


Chloe Leeson is the founder of Screen Queens. She hails from the north of England (the proper north that people think is actually Scotland but isn’t). Her lifesource is Harmony Korine’s 90s Letterman interviews and Ezra Miller’s jawline. She is a costume designer for hire who spends way too much time watching bad horror movies. Her favourite films are Into The Wild, Lords of Dogtown, Stand by Me and Pan’s Labyrinth. She rants about cinema screenings @kawaiigoff and logs them on letterboxd here

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