SHORT FILM: ‘A Guide To Adventuring’ by Beth Dunne

Some words from the director, our own contributor, Beth!

Little adventures are often overlooked as we grow older and decide we don’t have time for them anymore. Kids are constantly in awe of everything around them, everything is an opportunity for adventure – when did we lose that? Over a year ago I had to drop out of school for mental health reasons. This meant staying at home by myself pretty much all day every day – which I didn’t mind at first, but after a while the isolation starts to take its toll. The mind-numbing boredom and solitude have taught me how to take pleasure in the little things again. Just getting out and going on my own little adventure can improve my day infinitely. That’s what I wanted to make this video about: how refreshing it can be to walk around with a child-like eye for adventure, and how valuable that sense of wonder is. Thank you to my sister Jasmine for walking around the park with me and being (somewhat) patient.

You can find Beth on twitter and tumblr. She is also the founder of Cherry Zine.

Are you a budding female director? If you’ve made any short films we’d love to see them! Send an email to with a working youtube link, your info and a description and we might feature your work on the blog!

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