STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS- Human Traffic: On 2014 festival looks, baby Danny Dyer and being ‘a child of the beat’


Stream Of Consciousness is a segment dedicated to the mind ramblings we all have whilst watching movies.


-We’re not even at the title card yet and this is so on my vibe already I can feel it radiating through my soul



-Ah, a scene about 9 to 5 and feeling like a horrible clone, aka my life right now #THEGRIND

-This is Trainspotting meets Clerks with the content and editing of Requiem for a Dream but without the horrible hole in Jared Leto’s arm side to the story

-Awh baby Danny Dyer, got a serious thing for this fella

-Strongly relating to this Lulu chick right now talking about how she’s an independent women who wears lipstick because she wants to, not to impress anyone. YES.h3


-Now I’m genuinely considering changing my twitter bio to ‘child of the beat’

-Oh my god get me out and on a dancefloor someone plEASE

-I wanna hug Danny Dyer for the rest of my life what a cutie

-‘I’m unemployed full time, I ain’t go the hours in the day’, this was the story of my life up until two weeks ago

-All these characters have really cool bedrooms.h7

-Honestly surprised this isn’t a Danny Boyle movie what with all these sweet 90’s techno beatZ

-I bet the 90’s dance scene was the best. Why was I only 4 when this came out wtf probably couldn’t even say my own name. Let alone differentiate between house and techno music….still can’t for that matter.

-So this Lulu chick is incredibly cool I need her in my life. Get a gander at those braids and that pink glittery jumpsuit, festival looks 2014 I think so?

-This guy in the beanie looks like one of the Alt Twins and sounds like a twat.

-Surely driving whilst completely fkd off E’s is not safe?

-I haven’t been to a good house party in so long wahhhhh


-This Star Wars epiphany is the greatest theory I’ve ever heard

-This film’s flew in, there’s only 20 minutes left I am way too absorbed

-aahahahahhaha Jo Brand as the voice of ‘reality’. Quality.

-Girls have such nicer orgasm faces than boys. Just an observation.

-Ok Jip is really cute.


-But who names their son Jip?

-This has been a fine example of British cinema, more please.


By Chloe




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