The International Collective of Female Cinematographers (ICFC)


May’s Spotlight at ScreenQueens is on female cinematographers, and for good reason—did you know in the last ten years, women comprised less than 5% of the cinematographers among the 250 top-grossing films to come out of Hollywood?

One group seeks to change that. The International Collective of Female Cinematographers (ICFC) is a collective of professional female cinematographers from around the US and the world, who provide each other with community support and industry advocacy.

At the local level, the ICFC holds regular meetups and events for members to explore various topics and new technology. Globally, the ICFC helps filmmakers and production teams find a qualified DP anywhere in the world. They provide support to any member regardless of location or nationality.

The ICFC provides a space for members to share technical, creative and practical knowledge in our field. They aim to act as allies within the film industry. ICFC members participate in peer-to-peer mentorship and aim to provide safe and productive mentorships for emerging cinematographers.

TheICFC can link filmmakers and studios to a variety of DPs, with specialties ranging from narrative filmmaking, commercials, and music videos to aerial cinematography, underwater work, and 3D photography.

Contact the ICFC if you’re interested in mentoring or becoming a member. Their contact information can be found at their website.


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