Screen Queens x Conway Hall Screening of Catherine Hardwicke’s ‘Thirteen’ this November!

This November, Screen Queens will be at Conway Hall Ethical Society for our first ever event, screening Catherine Hardwicke’s debut feature, Thirteen.

In Hardwicke’s award-winning directorial debut, honor student Tracy Freeland (Evan Rachel Wood) has a troubling home life, but she is close to her mother, Melanie (Holly Hunter). While trying to conceal her inner turmoil by excelling academically, she befriends the calculating Evie (Nikki Reed), her school’s queen bee. Evie talks Tracy into experimenting with drugs, exploring her sexuality and pickpocketing strangers to finance shopping sprees — but before long, Melanie realizes she must step in and stop her daughter’s destructive lifestyle.

After the film, Screen Queens editors Rose Dymock and Nathasha O Kappler will host an interactive conversation with the audience, as they delve into the ethical questions that the film raises from motherhood to depictions of self harm and abuse on screen. Conway Hall Ethical Society opened in 1929 and has been a champion of ethical debate and free-thinkers ever since, and this is the first time they’ve used the medium of a film screening to spark those debates!

The screening is on November 2nd with doors at 6:15pm and tickets can be bought here. It would be fantastic to see some of our readers (and writers!) there. There will also be a bar open throughout the event, serving a selection of ethically and sustainably produced drinks. This event is suitable for over 18’s only and contains content warnings for self-harm and substance abuse, so please be aware before booking.

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