SHORT FILM: ‘Polly Pocket’ by Maria Corso Tackles the Tough Challenges of Wanting to be More Than Friends

Courtesy of Maria Corso


Pauline needs to come clean to her best friend Gabby about her feelings. Sharp remarks, mixed signals and affectionate gestures turn a girls’ night into something these women will never be able to come back from.

Director’s Statement from Maria Corso:

I met Veronica Maccari (our writer/actor) by chance at a vintage market in Los Angeles and within a few days, I was hired on to direct her short, Polly Pocket. We instantly clicked on what the vision for the short should be and surrounded ourselves with friends and crew who brought their talent and time to help us bring it all together. We shot in Veronica’s apartment over a few days on a tiny budget. In thinking visually for the project, I was influenced by a lot of 80s cinematography, the way the camera is just close, intimate, and raw, catching those small moments and breaths of the actors. The reaction to the film has been so positive and warm. Since its completion, the film has been an official selection at 19 festivals. I’ve worked with both Veronica (Pauline) and Ariana Gonzalez (Gabby) many times since then and hope to continue collaborating with them in the future. Until then, I’m directing & producing a narrative sci fi podcast called Hollow, which will be released by Violet Hour Media in May on Apple Podcasts & Spotify. 

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