‘Bad Candy’ is Heavy on the Bad, Lacking on the Candy

Kaleidoscope Entertainment

Co-directed and co-written by Scott B. Hansen and Desiree Connell, Bad Candy makes for one of the weaker entries in the horror anthology cinematic pipeline. The filmmakers attempt to tackle as many horrific scenarios as possible to an ultimately corny effect.

Set in Salem one spooky Halloween night, Psychotronic FM’s radio hosts — Chilly Billy (Slipknot’s own Corey Taylor) and Paul (Zach Galligan) — narrate a series of twisted local tales for their Halloween show special. Throughout Bad Candy we are introduced to a multitude of different characters, all randomly tied together in an overarching, convoluted plot. The more the narratives are questioned, the quicker they fall apart as stories of demonic clowns, ghost hunters, possessed serial killers and a female coroner who enjoys drugs with a side of necrophilia. This description barely skims the surface of what Hansen and Connell have attempted to tackle in Bad Candy.

Some tales shine through later in the anthology, as the acting and general writing improve, momentarily, before falling back into its former rigid and tedious shell. With a 1 hour 43 run time, the generally weak writing, mixed with patchy acting and some questionable SFX work make for an unimpressive, bizarre viewing experience. Even by B-movie standards Bad Candy does not possess enough self-awareness or campy charm to pull off the hilarious, radical edge it is attempting to achieve. 

That being said, the cinematography is by far the strongest aspect throughout, with only the set design and general lack of original prop work refusing to allow for a continued aesthetic.  The gore is entirely overdramatic and enjoyable in parts, with only the unrealistic blood essentially letting down an otherwise amusing display of horror.

The attempt to encompass a multitude of corny characters in bizarre, gruesome situations does not work in Bad Candy’s favour. Overall it is a messy attempt at a horror multiverse, with shreds of potential flickering just enough to stop it being a complete bore-fest.

Kaleidoscope Entertainment presents Bad Candy on DVD and Digital 4 October

by Kelsie Dickinson

Kelsie (she/her) is a super gay masters graduate from The University of Glasgow. She loves slashers, but hates capitalism. Her favourite films are It Follows, Midsommar, Lost In Translation and Ghost World. Find her on Twitter.

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