FINDING FUNDING: ‘The Regular’ by Bairé Studios

Bairé Studios

Bairé Studios are an all-women, multi-ethnic, London-based collective formed virtually in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic who have just finished filming their debut short film The Regular and are seeking completion funds via Greenlit.

Directed, written and produced by Tara Olajidé, The Regular is a David Lynch-inspired psychological trhiller that follows the titular character (Izzy Kelly) at a restaurant who becomes fixated on the waitress (Tiwa Lade). Kelly’s character becomes obsessed with the waitress to an unhealthy level that accumulates in a rush of emotions. The short looks at themes of sexual desire, infatuation and religious devotion and cites Mulholland Drive as an inspiration.

The film was shot during the lockdown in early 2021 so funds raised are to go towards completion of the film and outstanding invoices for cast and crew. Post-production costs for festival fees and marketing are also hoping to be raised and additional funs will go towards establishing Bairé Studios as a legal structure, providing collective members with laptops and filmmaking/writing software. The project needs £2,300 to reach its goal.

You can find more information and the donation page on the project’s Greenlit campaign here.

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