FANTASIA ’21 — ‘Monster Dykë’ Certainly Lives up to its Name

True Sweetheart Films

With a title as radical Monster Dykë, this super short horror flick lives up to its name. Directed by Kaye Adelaide and Mariel Sharp, this pandemic production opens with the quote:

“There are only two genders: Monster Fuckers and Cowards”

– Tumblr User, NZAGU

What unfolds is nothing short of bizarre as a voicemail plays across scenes of a cool girl (the sculptress played by Adelaide) smoking a cigarette as they listen to the transphobic and fatphobic remarks of former lover, Brett (Colin Lloyd). In a clear state of boredom and disarray, the sculptress begins working on her latest monstrous piece.

Monster Dykë results in four of the weirdest moments of your life as, indeed, the sculptress fucks the monster, Andromeda. A montage of black and white alien sex makes up at least half of the run time, drawing parallels between the perceived horror of being trans and classic universal monster movies. The short takes clear inspiration from The Creature From The Black Lagoon

Horror has always been erotic, blurring the lines between the sensual and the sadistic. This simple and camp short uses every moment of its run time to entertain, shock and comment on the inherent queerness of horror, and in turn the horrific nature of queerness that horror has always inhabited. Overall, Monster Dykë is a fun time, made by clear queer talent, proclaiming at the top of its lungs “Don’t be a coward!”

Monster Dykë played at the 2021 edition of Fantasia Festival

by Kelsie Dickinson

Kelsie (she/her) is a super gay masters graduate from The University of Glasgow. She loves slashers, but hates capitalism. Her favourite films are It Follows, Midsommar, Lost In Translation and Ghost World. Find her on Twitter.

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