FESTIVALS: Femspectives Film Festival Announce New Guest Curators For 2021 Festival

A poster advertising Femspectives. Down the left hand side, 'save the date' is written in blue;, bisected by 'Femspectives' written three in pink. 
The background is a dark green, with a section of the background an image of  screening happening. 

Underneath it says 'online festive weekender' and next to that '23rd-25th April'. In the bottom right hand corner in smaller letters it says 'Supported by Screen Scotland' and underneath it has that repeated in Gaelic 'Sgrin Alba'.

Glasgow’s feminist film festival ‘Femspectives’ have annouced the guest curators for it’s third edition, taking place digitally from 23rd – 25th April.

Edinburgh-based interdisciplinary artist and cultural practitioner Tanatsei Gambura and Glasgow-based Ane Lopez, whose background ranges across curation, design, marketing and film production, will each programme a range of shorts for the third annual festival, which will
be themed around ‘dreaming’.

Photographs of Tanatsei Gambura and Ane Lopez. Gambura is on the left, looking at the camera over her right shoulder, her hair in locs with beads at the ends. It is colour photograph and she is wearng a velvet blue top. 

Ane Lopez is looking up towards the right, off screen. Her hair is dark and curly, and falls around her shoulders. She is wearing a thick jumper and a darker coat over the top. The photograph is in black and white.
Tanatsei Gambura (l) and Ane Lopez (r)

About their programme ‘Dreaming While Black’, Gambura states that it “speaks to
critical issues about the Black existence, pivoting around the idea that the future can only be dreamt into existence”, exploring “the modes, frameworks, and possibilities of literal and metaphorical dreaming while Black through the questions: how do geopolitics
influence different experiences of Blackness? Can Blackness imagine communal spaces that transcend the violence produced by Western epistemologies? Should Blackness collaborate with, or resist institutions? What is the role of technology and new media in harnessing,
erasing, fostering and dividing the collective Black experience?”.

‘Dreaming While Black’ will consist of selected films, accompanied by a discussion-based event encouraging a participatory experience about films Gambura describes as “diverse, subversive, experimental, imaginative, and historical”.

Lopez’s own strand, ‘one dream, square metre’ is focused around her desire to “investigate a different eco-cinematic experience, one capable of weaving a line between the multiple past, presents and futures of our earthly existence”.

Femspectives aims to provided a platform for feminist storytelling and safe spaces for conversations about feminisms, social issues, and politics. Founders Lauren
Clarke and Kathi Kamleitner stated that they “want to make sure we serve the local community, support Scottish talent and share resources with one another”, and Gambura and Lopez bring wtih them a “unique lived experiences and perspectives to the process and it has been fantastic working
with them.”

The full programme is set to be announced on 6th April, with ticket information available on https://femspectives.com/

Rose is a film critic , who graduated from the University of Liverpool with an MRes in Film Studies. She loves thrillers, Al Pacino, and multilingual cinema and she’s not entirely sure if she’s a millennial.

Find her on twitter, and find more of her work at https://rosedymock.contently.com

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