Unnamed Footage Festival 2021 Lineup Announced!

Illustrated poster for Unnamed Footage Festival. Six light blue circles on a black back ground that is dotted with stars represent different cycles of the moon - some with drawings on them, some left blank with marks of wear. On the moon on the right hand side there is a yellow post-it note that reads "Unnamed Film Festival".
Unnamed Footage Festival

This year, Unnamed Footage Festival is taking its fourth edition into the virtual landscape in the form of a 24-hour long webathon.

Since 2018, the Unnamed Footage Festival has brought a unique and often obscure selection of found footage horror, first-person POV cinema, and faux documentary to San Francisco, but this year will be live, one-time-only, day-long marathon of weird and exclusive in-world camera features and shorts, alongside Q&As with filmmakers and industry professionals.

All proceeds from UFF24hr will be donated to non-profit and independent cinemas across the country who are in need of support, and virtual badges, which include access to the full 24-hour event for viewers in North America, will go on sale the first week of March for the cost of $10 USD. Additional donations will be collected throughout the night and into the next day — as long as the team can stay awake to receive them!

Hosted by Vernon Herman Salinger as well as some surprise guests, the first films announced as part of the line up include:

  • Gillian Horvat’s I Blame Society – Writer/director Horvat plays a fictionalized version of herself working on a documentary exploring her friends’ belief that she has the ability to commit murder. 
  • Eugene Kotlyarenko’s (Spree) sophomore feature 0s & 1s set entirely on a computer screen from the 00s. James Pongo (Morgan Krantz) has a cushy job, a busy social life and an alluring love interest all through the click of a mouse. But when he wakes up after a night of reckless partying to discover that his computer is missing, James’ hyper-connected reality takes a nosedive.
  • Poser (directed by Jake Striebel) follows a former skate legend, returns home from rehab to star in a documentary, but it doesn’t take long for the project to derail when a drug stash is uncovered in an old hangout spot.

More titles will be announced shortly, along with the full schedule and ticket sales, on the Unnamed Footage Festival website:


Follow @unnamedfootage on Twitter for more updates and tweet about #UFF24hr

UFF24h will be accessible for audiences in  North America, with any additional countries to be added and announced closer to the event 

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