SHORT FILM: Queer rom-com ‘LoverGirl’ by Shawna Khorasani

A still from short film 'Lovergirl'. A young white woman stands on  a footpath with her bike leaning against her. She is holding a boombox above her head, mimicking the famous scene from 'Say Anything'. She wears blue jeans, a white t-shirt and open black shirt. Her hair is ginger and cropped short.
Shawna Khorasani

Dakota’s had a crush on Danny for the longest time. She’s never made a move, despite her best friend Cameron’s encouragement, because she assumes that Danny is straight. But once Danny comes out to Dakota as bisexual, it’s all systems go. She pulls out all the stops to woo her lady love. The only problem is, her romantic gestures keep backfiring. Will this lovergirl win over the woman of her dreams?

Shawna Khorasani was inspired to make LoverGirl after she realised how little positive media representation there was for queer youth and young adults. She wanted to make a lighthearted romantic comedy about navigating crushes and romance as a queer teenager —where the story doesn’t revolve around the main character coming out, there’s no tragedy or unnecessary drama, and nobody dies! LoverGirl was also largely inspired by movies and shows such as Love, Simon, Juno, and One Day at a Time. Shawna was able to handpick almost her whole team, and was really grateful to work with so many talented people. They spent 3 days shooting in a small town near Santa Cruz, California.

Shawna has been writing and directing since 2016. Her first project was an LGBTQ indie literary web series based on Cyrano de Bergerac, and from there she wrote and directed three short films. Lately, Shawna has been enjoying comedy and satire. Currently, she is in the writing process for two shorts, as well as collaborating with a friend on a satirical comedy mockumentary web series about a wacky community centre staff during the first year of the Trump administration. If you want to follow along with Shawna’s work, you can subscribe to her Youtube channel.

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