FINDING FUNDING: ‘I Am’, a Stigma Breaking Film About Schizophrenia by Ludovica Musumeci

Candid Broads

I Am is an upcoming short film from the all-women London-based production company Candid Broads and directed by Ludovica Musumeci. The films aims to spread awareness on Schizophrenia, and breaking the stigmas surrounding the mental illness. Often misunderstood as an illness to fear, or one that doesn’t offer sufferers a good quality of life, I Am will be delving into the mental landscape of someone living with Schizophrenia as they navigate the new world of letting their partner into their space.

Candid Broads have been in touch with mental health professionals and advocates such as Hannah D. Blum, Michelle Hammer and Cecilia McGough, who have validated their love for the project and encouraged social media callouts to raise awareness of the mental condition, as well as assisting the leading actress of I Am to properly prepare for the role of someone living with Schizophrenia.

The filmmakers are hoping to raise £10,000 on Greenlit to cover the costs of paying their crew, cast and renting kit, they are relying heavily on the goodwill of volunteers for location, transport and wardrobe. Benefits on the crowdfunder start from £5 for a social media shout-out, with £15 getting your name in the credits of the film.

The crowdfunder is live until September 24th and you can donate here.

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