FINDING FUNDING: ‘Apocalypse Anytime Now’ by Jen Lim

A hand-drawn concept image for 'Apocalypse Anytime Now'. The image is a blue background with a coloured sketch drawing of a red haired boy doing a cannonball jump. The text 'Apocalypse Anytime Now' is above the drawing of the boy in orange text.
Jen Lim

Apocalypse Anytime Now is an upcoming short film from London based director Jen Lim. The film follows a young boy, Samuel who suffers from eco-anxiety; the constant fear that the world around him is ending.

Samuel is also struggling with adapting to life with his new step-mum, this combined with his fear for the future keeps him trapped in his bedroom. The film shows Samuel learning to confront his fears and dream of a more hopeful future with both his step-mum and the world outside him.

Director Jen and producer Tracy Kiryango are raising funds for the film to cover 6 key production costs: location, travel, equipment, festivals, costume, set design. They are raising money on Crowdfunder with any donations accepted, with benefits starting from £10— which will see your name in the credits of the film.

As a film about eco-anxiety the filmmakers are making every effort to be an ecological production. They will be using only reusable bottles on set, partnering with businesses to offer eco-friendly rewards on their crowdfunder and following BAFTA approved principal ALBERT; a production calculator that monitors the environmental impact of a film set.

The crowdfunder is live until Tuesday 22nd Sept, and you can donate here.

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