SHORT FILM: ‘Enough’ by Christina Raia

Congested Cat Productions

The lives of three women collide in one night when two of them decide to rob the house the other is house sitting.

Christina Raia likes to use genre as a way to address broader social issues. Her short film breaks gender stereotypes in a genre typically reserved for men, while also commenting on the current socio-economic challenges for most young people (particularly women) through the lens of characters who have turned to the extreme just to survive. Christina decided in the edit to lean into the genre more, cut some of the context, and let the subtext live in visuals in the background as easter eggs for a re-watch.

Over Thanksgiving of 2012, Christina found herself going to the emergency room despite not having insurance because of unexpected chest pains. The doctor on call dismissed her symptoms, which led to a few costly follow ups. (It turned out to be an ongoing acute asthma attack due to hurricane Sandy.) Around this time, she had also gotten her first student loan bill that she couldn’t afford to pay. She then took these experiences and the frustration and wrote Enough. The film was shot over 2 days, and it completed post-production in Spring 2017.

ENOUGH from CongestedCat Productions LLC on Vimeo.

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