SHORT FILM: ‘The Potluck’ by Shannon Brown

A still from short film 'The Potluck'. A woman in her 30s stands in an office, addressing a room of her colleagues. She has red hair and pale white skin. She wears a green tea dress with lace frills on the chest and a thin peach coloured waist belt. She has her hands clasped in front of her in frustration. Her face is visibly angry.
Shannon Brown

The Potluck is about a mild mannered office manager pushed over the edge by common workplace jerks.

Shannon got the idea for The Potluck when she walked past a bulletin board at work. Management had put up a flyer advertising ‘free cupcake day’ and a staff member left a complaint on a post-it-note stuck to the flyer. She thought about the manager or assistant who had to organize this event. Often people in these positions are sort of held captive between their employer and the staff/their coworkers, they have no power in improving things but are seen as the force of change (or person who can do things immediately). They can be taken for granted, overworked, and under recognised. Shannon wondered what it would look like if that person snapped—it would likely be over something very small.

Shannon Brown is an LA-based writer and comedian, who began her career in sketch and improv comedy and has since branched out into writing and directing shorts. Her unique brand of dark comedy and a flair for the strange has been showcased in online publications such as Atlas ObscuraThe Apartment ShowcaseThe Big JewelRankerReductressBustle, and xoJane. Shannon has also co-hosted Tell All Your Friends, the emo and pop-punk inspired variety show at UCB Sunset and she has been featured on SplitsiderComedy CakeWhohaha, and Yahoo.

Most recently, her films were screened at the 15 Second Horror FestSalem Horror Fest, and Toronto Sketch Fest.

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