‘The Breakfast Club’ 35th Anniversary: Join Star Ally Sheedy in Online Viewing Party with NowTV

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On the 7th of June 2020, John Hughes’ teen comedy classic The Breakfast Club turns 35 years old. It’s hard to believe when the film remains a fond favourite of many teenagers today, but Hughes’ misfit band of high school stereotypes transcends the generations. When Claire, Brian, Andrew, John and Allison end up in an all-day detention together, they are tasked with a written assignment based on the prompt “who do you think you are?” All representing different cliques, from the geek to the jock to the punk, the teenagers come to realise over the course of a day that there’s far more to each of them than meets the eye.

To celebrate the film’s anniversary, NowTV is offering 50 lucky fans the opportunity to watch the film this Sunday, 7th of June with Ally Sheedy, who plays the kooky Allison. Sheedy will be discussing the film, its timeless popularity, and behind-the-scenes bits with the fans, as well as answering questions before and during the film via a private Zoom call. Winners will also be provided with a 3-months free NOW TV Sky Cinema Pass.

Sheedy said: “When I signed-up to The Breakfast Club over 35 years ago, nobody knew how big the movie was going to be then, let alone the iconic movie it would still be all these years later. So, to give fans the opportunity to feel a part of the movies history and to talk to them about what makes it so special is something I am really looking forward to.”

To enter, email your name and contact details to Thebreakfastclub@feverpr.com with your questions for Ally too. Entry closes at 23:59 BST, Thursday 4th June.

Full terms and conditions for entry can be found here.

by Megan Wilson

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