SHORT FILM: ‘Hello There’ by Diana Mincheva-Jordanova

She had an appetite for being social, being liked, being followed. He was having friends, playing games, sharing stories. And they were very happy living online.

But suddenly it becomes official: “Stay at home!” COVID-19 has affected 210 countries around the world. And all the people stayed at home. Their offline life has moved online. 

Hello There is a story about a flight from Sofia, Bulgaria to Munich, Germany. At the start of 2020, this flight would take about an hour. Now, with no flights, you’d have to swim for days to reach a shore. But does that mean that you shouldn’t fall in love with a stranger?

Diana Mincheva-Jordanova is a film director based in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has several short films and her commercial portfolio includes jobs for Unicef, Vienna Insurance Group and the Bulgarian Tourism Board. Her work illustrates the reality within the journey of everyday life, served by authentic details and a lot of natural light. Her goal is always to capture something small that tells a big story. She loves spaghetti, Polaroid photography and ‘La Nouvelle Vague’. Now, she is working on her first feature.

We screen short films by women and LGBTQ+ filmmakers in our short film section. We are happy to take a look at anything from professional festival-submitted films to experimental shorts made at home. To submit your work please contact with a two paragraphs: one about your film and one about yourself. We need a public YouTube or Vimeo link to show the short on our platform.

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