‘Clover’ Doesn’t Quite Hit the Mark as a Black Comedy, but It Has Its Moments

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Clover follows a pair of unlucky brothers as they find themselves in a mess with the local mob. The bumbling fools stumble their way through a series of unfortunate events that started with them borrowing money from the wrong man to save their family bar.

Jackie (Mark Webber) and Mickey (Jon Abrahams) are two Irish-American brothers who are in desperate straits. After defaulting on a loan from Tony Davaolo (Chazz Palminteri) they are forced to tag along on a “house call” with Tony’s volatile son. Unfortunately, it ends with a murder at the hands of a teenage girl named Clover (Nicole Elizabeth Berger). After that Jackie and Mickey scatter and are chased around their small town.

Freestyle Digital Media

Everyone in the ensemble is totally game leaning into their characters who are all caricatures of the gangster genre; the dumb henchmen, the over-confident mobster prince, the godfather, the colourful locals who may or may not be involved with their own shady behaviour. Sadly, the titular character is the weakest link in the ensemble. As endearing as she may be, her performance would work for the Disney Channel, but not for this near satirical take on the gangster genre. However, Webber and Abraham make up for it with their shenanigans. Julia Jones, Tichina Arnold, and Erika Christensen make welcome appearances, but their roles are rather too small for their respective roles in the narrative.

Jon Abrahams does double duty here as he not only stars but directs too. Based on a script from Michael Testone Clover, Clover is a consistent black comedy that rarely strays from showcasing the absurdity of the archetypes and caricatures of the gangster genre. However, it never appears to be mocking those conventions, instead, Clover is a loving jab at the genre.

Clover is reminiscent of better gangster films perhaps, but one can never tire from a satirical take of a favoured genre. Clover is a fun time that offers a fair amount of laughs. Even though it’s somewhat predictable at times, but that doesn’t take away from the enjoyability.

Clover is out on April 3rd

by Ferdosa Abdi

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