FINDING FUNDING: ‘Best Days’ by Alex Joseph

Best Days is an independent feature film from East Anglia-based director Alex Joseph that will be shooting on the Norfolk coastline in May this year.

This film follows Charlotte a twenty-something wage slave who wants to be her own boss at a photography gallery alongside her business partner friend Sophie. Before the gallery has even gotten off the ground, Sophie pulls out, leaving Charlotte with no money to invest and her dreams dashed.

Charlotte turns to her younger sister Olivia and estranged friend Annie for help, asking Annie (a hotel owner) for a loan to help get the gallery off the ground. But Charlotte has to prove that she has matured before the investment is finalised, and of course, life throws many bumps along the way.

Starring Amber Doig-Thorne as Charlotte and Charlotte Gould as Olivia, this is Alex’s second feature film, his first film Wrecking Ball is set to premiere later this year. Alex is looking raising funds on Indiegogo to pay for cast, crew, accomodation and locations costs. Indiegogo donations start at just £1 and perks start at £10 with the chance to have your name in the films credits. The campaign is live for another month and you can find more information and your chance to donate here.

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