‘The Fare’ Is A Riveting Ride Worth Taking

The Fare is a unique and riveting mystery that has hints of Alfred Hitchcock with a twisted tale of love and danger. And, it all takes place entirely in a taxi cab. 

The story follows Harris (Gino Anthony Pesi) a taxi driver on route to pick up a fare in the middle of nowhere. All is seemingly normal until the enticing Penny (Brinna Kelly) enters his cab. They have a cutesy back and forth until something odd occurs and she vanishes. She vanishes and he resets in a time loop he isn’t aware of…until he is. Harris and Penny take this cab ride over and over and over again. Each time getting better and better acquainted, and romance blooms. However, the question remains, what is going on with this loop?

Time loop movies are not rare but to make one stand out from the rest you would need a unique or interesting take. When it comes to The Fare, a clever script, compelling concept and a pleasant duo are what give the film the edge it needs to stand out. 

Director D.C. Hamilton and screenwriter Brinna Kelly do a lot to work with the confined space our leads are in by utilising interesting directing choices and an engaging script. There is also a great balance with crafting a believable and sweet romance, a sense of danger about the uncertainty of the loop, and the logic behind it.

Once all the pieces are laid out and a complete picture is formed, it will leave you satisfied. The Fare is a riveting ride from beginning to end.

The Fare is now available on DVD and Digital

by Ferdosa Abdi

Ferdosa Abdi is a lifelong film student and aspiring film festival programmer. Her favourite genres are science-fiction, fantasy, and horror and her favourite director is Guillermo del Toro. She is madly in love with Eva Green and believes she should be cast in everything. You can follow Ferdosa on Twitter @atomicwick

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