The Screenwriters Network Launches 1st Annual ‘KILLER SHORTS’ Horror Short Screenplay Competition

With recent films like The Babadook, Lights Out, Mama and Saw originating from short films then snapped up and developed by Hollywood, horror shorts are becoming serious money-making devices.

Screenwriter and contest director Alison Parker has recently announced the first year of an annual ‘Killer Shorts Horror Screenplay Competition’. Alison says:

Our goal is to motivate, inspire, and guide screenwriters to write horror shorts with feature adaptation potential. We’re looking for big ideas. The best horror shorts rely heavily on visual scares and unique world building. Putting this kind of terror on the page isn’t for the faint of heart. For the few who succeed, this could be the break that launches their career.

The Top 3 scripts selected from the competition will be read by agents and managers from the following companies: Grey Matter Productions, Paradigm Talent Agency, Good Fear Content and Affirmative Entertainment. Prizes also include free copies of FinalDraft, waived entry to multiple screenwriting competitions, free Shudder subscriptions, VIP Platinum membership on Screenwriters Network and an increased rank on Coverfly’s The Red List.

Submissions are now open and fees are as follows:

Early Bird- October 15th: $15

Regular- November 15th: $20

Final- December 15th: $25

For more information on Killer Shorts, please visit: 

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