FINDING FUNDING: ‘Don’t Forget to Go Home’ by Victoria Thompson

Don’t Forget to go Home is a short film from Fiji-Indian director Victoria Thompson, A Sundance 2019 Ignite finalist; this is her third short film. Her film is about two sisters who run from their cousin’s wedding to go on a drug-fuelled bender looking for love in all the wrong embraces.  Tackling themes of diaspora mental health, family, queer sexuality and first love, all set in the back alleys and industrial rave warehouses of Sydney, Don’t Forget To Go Home will be raw, sensitive and psychedelic as hell.

This is one of the first ever stories to be made about the diaspora of Fiji-Indians (Screen Australia has confirmed this). A modern representation of what it means to be young, queer and a woman of colour in Sydney, Australia. The film is based upon Victoria’s own personal experiences growing up in Sydney torn between worlds. The script was selected as one of two international projects to take part in the Aotearoa Short Film Lab supported by NZ’s film commission and Script to Script as well as a finalist for the Future Creative Initiatives at the 2019 Melbourne Women in Film Festival.

Victoria and her team are raising funds through Indiegogo to cover costs of locations, casting and equipment. You can find their Indiegogo campaign here with perks starting at $7 with a private screener listed at the $21 mark.


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