FINDING FUNDING: Cyberpunk Sci-Fi ‘Venus’ by Andrew McGee

“Venus is a short live-action science-fiction film inspired by cyberpunk classics like Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell, and more broadly, films such as Ex Machina, Under the Skin, and Cam.

‘Cyberpunk’ typically blends lowlife and high tech, depicting futuristic urban dystopias in which advancements in technology can raise questions about cybernetically enhanced bodies, the implications of digital worlds, and what it means to be human, all against a backdrop of social upheaval and extreme inequality. You know, pretty small concepts!

With these ideas in mind, it seems like an obvious genre through which to also explore crucial modern-day issues of sexism, sexuality, and objectification. Yet it’s rare to see these worlds from the perspective of a female protagonist while also engaging with these issues.”

Director Andrew McGee is a professional video editor and indie filmmaker, he is also co-writing Venus along with Tara Shehata who also works on directing her own projects. The film will be shooting in October 2019 and was looking to raise 10k through Kickstarter for their project. Having now surpassed that goal they are looking to an extended goal of 15k. This additional money will largely be funnelled into post-production costs and production design costs due to the expensive nature of a sci-fi films look.

You can donate to their Kickstarter here until June 27th. Incentives start at just $1 and by the $10 mark you will receive a digital copy of the finished film and a selection of concept art and posters.


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