SHORT FILM: ‘Unspoken Wish’ by Sophia von Wrangell

In 2008 Reel Women asked Sophia von Wrangell to make a short film workshop to teach a group of women in Austin, Texas. She loved the idea and it turned into a challenge since the group was made out of beginners. Even the person who was supposed to help her with the camera work, didn’t know any basics. Stating that it was the best experience of her life, Sophia says “the group was committed and stayed cohesive until the very end. We went through every aspect of the production.” Transforming the story into a screenplay they got to work. The Austin community were very supportive and generous (Omega Broadcast & Cinema lent the team their technology). Randy Avenell, a talented music engineer, who wanted to try his hand at film, exchanged his studio and services for the learning opportunity. With musicians on board like “The Fountainhead Quartet” and singer, Susan Olhrich, they recorded the original score by Catalina von Wrangell. The result was Unspoken Wish a film about how a grandmother’s last wish is for the unity and the reconciliation of her daughter with her granddaughter.

Sophia von Wrangell started studying Film Direction in 1975 when she won a scholarship for Romania. They studied all aspects of cinema from photography through theatre, acting, writing, editing, critique, painting and music. Since then she has produced, directed, and acted in around 20 short films, a few of them having been invited to film festivals in both North and South America. For her day job Sophia works in photo and video documentation for non-profits like FETA and Kaleidoscopemusart, also volunteering with Artzine to cover films and art events and has newly re-located to Miami.




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