Female Voices Rock Film Festival Wants Your Short Film Submissions!

Female Voices Rock is an NYC-based Short Film Festival celebrating the voices of women-identifying filmmakers and boasts an all-female panel of judges.

The festival centres itself around championing empowering women’s stories and is currently accepting submissions over on Film Freeway for their 2019 festival. Festival directors Catherine Delaloye and Mariana Trevino, said of the
festival, “Female Voices Rock Film Festival was created after several years of attending some of the biggest festivals in the US and Europe. We noticed one thing— it’s nearly impossible for first time filmmakers to have a chance to be selected in any of the bigger and prestigious festivals. It’s even harder if you’re female, as the acceptance rate is still really low. And the worst part is that most festivals are overwhelmed and unable to properly view the submissions, therefore there’s big chance your film will not even get viewed.” The team are therefore promising to watch every submission and provide feedback. For a film to be considered for the submission criteria women must make up two or more of these key roles:

  • Director
  • Writer
  • Cinematographer
  • Producer
  • Composer
  • SFX Artist
  • Editor
  • Production Designer

As well as their planned schedule of 50 short films over the festival’s weekend in August, they will also be hosting panels from industry professionals and an opening night cocktail gala and closing night awards ceremony.

Female Voices Rock have graciously offered us a discount code for anyone interested in submitting their short to the festival, simply use the code ‘ScreenQueens’ for 25% off submission fees. 

The full Female Voices Rock Festival lineup will be announced in June 2019, until then you can keep up to date with them over on their Instagram.

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