London Short Film Festival 2019: What to watch

The London Short Film Festival (LSFF) is back for another great year of film. Playing at venues across London for 10 days of short film fun, make sure you grab your film friends and book your tickets.

Focusing on themes of the environment around us and the animal kingdom, we’re picking out a few LSFF International favourites from the Unearthed and Creature Comforts programmes for you to add to your list.

The Unearthed programme delves into the earth beneath our feet. Searching both the natural and man-made world and how our relationship to it is continually shifting. Dimitri Venkov’s sweeping journey through Moscow in The Hymns Of Muscovy is accompanied by electronic variations of the Soviet national anthem, taking the ordinary and literally flipping it on its head. Buildings and architecture are often taken for granted in film, they serve as the backdrop to a scene, here we see them in a new light, both majestic and somehow otherworldly in form.

A post-apocalyptic Operation Jane Walk takes a leisurely guided walking tour of New York City, now a decaying war zone. The experimental film is unexpectedly constructed within a first person shooter video game. Follow along as your tour guide points out the New York architecture while trying to avoid being shot by the enemy.

From the exploration of cities to the trees of the forest, Sylvia Schedelbauer’s abstract flicker work in Wishing Well can be described as hypnotic. Violent in some parts with a frantic overwhelm of sound and vision, yet remarkably meditative and soothing in other moments. Wishing Well’s perspectives of humans and our natural world is open to viewer interpretation.

Facebook is crammed full of cute animal videos, it’s the one thing guaranteed to make me stop scrolling. Well make sure you catch some animal appreciation on the big screen in the Creature Comforts programme. Animated short Winners Bitch by Sam Gurry digs into the life of Virginia Hampton, an all breed American Kennel Club judge. Mixing interviews and found archive material such as letters and photographs to stitch together a candid portrait of the solitary woman who prided herself as a dog breeder and enthusiast. The psychedelic revenge quest of Lorenz Wunderle’s Coyote uses cartoon style animation and levels it up into the weird and wonderful. After a wolf attack on his family, this Coyote processes the experience in an unusual way. Visceral and violent, this is a film which packs a punch.



The Hymns Of Muscovy | Dimitri Venkov | Russia | 14minutes

To tell a history though architecture and music, The Hymns of Muscovy matches the styles of Moscow’s 20th and 21st century buildings with electronic variations of the Soviet and Russian national anthem.

Operation Jane Walk | Leonhard Müllner, Robin Klengel | Austria | 16minutes

The dystopian multiplayer shooter Tom Clancy’s: The Division digital war zone is appropriated to become a narrative city tour for peaceful tourists.

Wishing Well | Sylvia Schedelbauer |Germany | 13minutes

A transcendent turn, a quest for agency, a reunion with currents of the forest.


Winners Bitch | Sam Gurry | USA | 7minutes

Virginia Hampton was an all breed American Kennel Club judge and was instrumental in getting the Akita recognized, specialized in working dogs, and was a doting mother to 3 sons, however two of those things are lies, depending on who you ask.

Coyote | Lorenz Wunderle | Switzerland | 10minutes

A coyote loses his wife and children to a wolf attack, as he tries to process the experience, evil takes more and more space.

Get your tickets to the London Short Film Festival. 11th—20th January 2019.


by Adelle Drover

Adelle is an Australian film youtuber (  and critic. You can find her on Roll Credits ( where she takes a journalistic approach to film culture… but still gets super fan-girl excited for the next big Marvel release! Her cine-quest is to find a happy medium between more thoughtful film discourse and action-adventure popcorn flicks. Why not both? Say hi over on instagram (

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