FINDING FUNDING: Eat Rich- A Trans Zombie Short Film by Molly Pease and Ash Barker

Eat Rich is an upcoming trans horror/comedy short film by queer couple Molly Pease and Ash Barker. It follows Rose, a latinx trans woman experiencing her first day as a zombie. On this one eventful night Rose encounters Rich, a straight white cis man in his Chicago apartment with his girlfriend Emily. Taken over by a thirst for flesh, Rose wants to eat Rich and the three spend the night exploring themes of gender, sexuality, accountability, violence against trans woman and video games as we ultimately find out if Rose eats Rich.

Molly and Ash are disappointed by the lack of positive trans representation in both the horror and comedy genres, and want to use Eat Rich to create potentially one of the first horror/comedy films that gets this representation right. In order to do this they have assembled an entirely LGBTQ+ cast and crew.

They are currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo to cover costs for cast and crew and for post-production. Their campaign also has perks such as original artwork, T-Shirts and stickers. You can donate to their Indiegogo campaign here until September 21st.

To keep up to date with their project you can find them on Facebook and Twitter.


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