FILMMAKER FINDING FUNDING: Latina same-sex domestic abuse film “IDYLL” by Jayk Gallagher

Jayk Gallagher was a finalist at the 2018 Sundance Screenwriters Labs and the Sundance Sloan Commissioning Grant and has previously worked as an actor in Veep, The Social Network and Hail, Caesar! Now placing himself behind the camera he has written, directed and produced a number of shorts including music videos, magical realism short ‘Synching’ and LA Noir short ‘Chronopath’.
His most recent project is easily his most hard-hitting and important topic. ‘Idyll’ is a drama short about two Latina women and tackles themes of domestic abuse in same-sex relationships, which is rarely covered in film & TV. With each year, 4.7 million U.S women experience domestic abuse and 50% of all women in same-sex relationships experience abuse, Jayk has written Idyll with the aims of submitting it to Sundance Film Festival in 2019 and raising awareness of this issue, whilst highlighting the talents of latina actresses.
Idyll focuses on Petunia, a young woman recovering from mental health and memory issues as she struggles to find the best way to make amends to her ex-fiance, Vera.
Told through a back and forth of flashbacks and present day settings the film will be shot with organic and natural colours and lighting. To achieve this goal Jayk and his crew need $16,000 to complete the entire film, if they exceed that goal, half of every dollar earned after that will be donated to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
You can donate to his campaign on Indiegogo until August 28th with perks starting at $20 donations.

If you’re a woman, POC or a member of the LGBTQ community involved in film and have a project that needs backers, send us your details and Indiegogo/Kickstarter/Patreon links to and we can help spread the word!

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