WOMEN FILMMAKERS FINDING FUNDING: ‘Rational Creatures’ by Anya S, Hazel Jeffs, Jessamyn Leigh and Ash Barrios


Rational Creatures, a modernised web series inspired by Jane Austen’s Persuasion, is currently crowdfunding on Seed & Spark. The project is helmed by a group of young women from the US, Canada, and the UK, who are the creators of literature-inspired web series such as Twincidents, Nottingham (both previously featured on SQ), Away from it All and Merry Maidens.

The story follows Ana Elías, who is persuaded—by herself and her family—to put the needs of others above her own. She’s still living at home and working at her father’s business, Kellynch Travel Agency, but secretly itching to do something more.

Bisexual-and-proud Fred Wentworth has been on the go since he graduated from high school. Living a nomadic lifestyle as an almost-famous travel writer with a second book deal in the works, Fred’s living the proverbial dream, but something is still missing no matter where he goes. Eight years ago, Ana and Fred couldn’t imagine breaking up. But now, driven back into each other’s lives by chance after several years apart, they’re worse than strangers. Can they confront the choices that led to heartbreak while fulfilling their individual hopes and dreams for the future, and,
just maybe, find a way back to each other?

Rational Creatures will unfold through a combination of traditional third person cinematic style and flashback vlogs that delve into Ana and Fred’s romantic past and the reason for the downfall of their relationship. The aesthetics of the show will be soft, naturalistic, and memory-like, with warm tones and natural lighting.

The series will explore sibling relationships, realistic portrayals of mental and chronic illness, complex women, all with queer characters abound, both lead and supporting.

Rational Creatures is currently crowdfunding on Seed & Spark with exclusive updates and benefits starting at as little as $5.

You can keep up to date with the series on Facebook and Twitter.


If you’re a woman, POC or a member of the LGBTQ community involved in film and have a project that needs backers, send us your details and Indiegogo/Kickstarter links to girlsonfilm@outlook.com and we can help spread the word!

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