#CriterionMonth MIX: The Undying Passion of Joan of Arc

Criterion Month is a massive collaboration across 5 websites in honor of Ingmar Bergman’s 100th birthday and of the films of the Criterion Collection. We hope the celebration of this incredible director -and these classic films – inspire others to find new cinema they love and share their discoveries with others

The first encounter I had with the fully silent version of Carl Th. Dreyer’s 1926 The Passion of Joan of Arc, I was almost unable to finish it. Being exposed to 82 minutes of unrelenting pathos, I marvelled at the difference an added score made, and how it better directed my empathy toward the title character. This playlist experiments with these concepts, assigning a more contemporary soundtrack to the film, and in doing so, reinterprets its central themes.


Credit in the Straight World – Hole

This is the Day – The The

Pentecost Hotel – Nirvana (UK)

Town Without Pity – Gene Pitney

You’ll Find a Way – Santigold

King Of Pain – The Police

Wave Of Mutilation – The Pixies

Everything Will Be Alright – The Killers

Strawberry Tea – Tiny Tim

On Some Faraway Beach – Brian Eno

If You Love Me (Really Love Me) – Kay Starr

Rapture – Farewell Aldebaran


You can view The Passion of Joan of Arc on Criterion here.


by Juliette Faraone

Juliette hails from an Indiana town with about 1500 inhabitants, most of whom are her cousins. She has a BA in comparative lit and is currently working toward her MA in cinema studies at SCAD. Juliette likes Diet Coke, sweatshirts, and Joan of Arc narratives.

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