Life after Broad City: What’s next for Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson?

Recently it was announced that the fifth season of Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson’s hugely popular show Broad City would be its last. For fans of the show like myself, it was a sad moment to realise the time we have left with the onscreen duo is now running out.  As well as creating and acting in the show, they also have an extensive behind-the-camera portfolio, with both having directed two episodes (Glazer directed “Bedbugs” and “Florida”, and Jacobson directed “House-sitting” and “Witches”) – and are credited as Broad City’s executive producers.

However, just because Broad City is ending, it does not mean that this is the last we will hear from its creators and stars Glazer and Jacobson- if anything it looks like we will getting more projects from them than ever. From what has been announced so far, the pair have signed a “first look” contract with Viacom, the company that owns Comedy Central. This gives them freedom to choose projects across the company, with film as the exception. However it is not an exclusive contract – therefore allowing them the freedom to sign onto projects as they wish, that are not necessarily affiliated with Viacom.

So far details have emerged of three projects that are in the pipeline, and interestingly none of them are acting roles. The first is Mall Town USA, which is an animation for Comedy Central with the pair on board as executive producers. They are also cited as the executive producers for another upcoming programme called Young Professionals and Glazer is also set to produce a show written by and starring her brother Elliott Glazer titled Platinum Status.

It is heartening to know that Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson will continue to work behind the camera as well as being on screen. In an industry where women TV and filmmakers are still woefully under represented and utilised. In the mean time though, we can look forward to one last outing with the Broad City girls and hopefully more self-directed episodes.


by Megan Gibb

Megan is a drop out from Cambridge. She is starting her second attempt at university this year and is hoping to avoid disaster this time around. Most of her time is spent either reading or binge-playing video games. Don’t talk to her about End of Watch or Night Flight as she still hasn’t emotionally recovered from them, and probably never will. Her favourite films are Drive, The Handmaiden, Ghost World and Mad Max: Fury Road.

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