David Oyelowo has stated that he seeks out women directors to work with on his projects, having done a 5 film run working with them. In light of the #MeToo and #TIMESUP movements, where women have bravely stepped out to tell their stories of sexual harassment en mass and recently redirected the conversation to talks of women behind the camera and gender pay gaps, it seems appropriate to reflect on those who are working with women. Some men have spoken out in support and worn their ‘TIMES UP’ pins at the Golden Globes, others, not so much (looking at you Matt Damon) but who is putting their money where their mouth is?

This IMDB investigation lists 50 actors (watch out for Part 2!) and how many times they have worked with women directors on a feature film. This does not include TV, TV Movies, Documentary or Short Films. These actors involvement with male directors accused of sexual misconduct are also listed but not extensive, and there are actors on this list who have recently been outed as abusers themselves.

On a more positive note, those looking for more women directed films can find many listed here, hopefully with your favourite actors in them.

Daniel Day Lewis: 2/21

One being his wife, Rebecca Miller for The Ballad of Jack and Rose and Nanou




Robert DeNiro: 5/98

The Intern, The Wedding Party, Shark Tale, Awakenings, Les cent et une nuits de Simon Cinema



Tom Hanks: 5/53

Icatha, You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, A League of their Own, Big




Chris Hemsworth: 0/20





Tom Hiddleston: 3/17

Exhibition, Unrelated, Archipelago

NOTE: Has worked with Woody Allen once



Hugh Jackman: 0/35


NOTE: Has worked with Woody Allen once, Brett Ratner once, Bryan Singer three times



Denzel Washington: 2/46

The Preacher’s Wife, Mississippi Masala




James Franco: 14/94

Blood Ride, Actors Anonymous, The Institute, The Labyrinth, Memoria, Black Dog Red Dog, True Deception, The Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards, Yosemite, Don Quixote, Palo Alto, Forever Love, The Holiday, The Dead Girl

NOTE: Has worked with Paul Haggis twice


Morgan Freeman: 0/79





Leonardo DiCaprio: 3/28

Critters 3, Poison Ivy, Total Eclipse

NOTE: Has worked with Woody Allen once



Will Smith: 1/29

Shark Tale




Woody Harrelson: 3/70

North Country, The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio, The Edge of Seventeen

NOTE: Has worked with Brett Ratner once



Javier Bardem: 0/45


NOTE: Has worked with Woody Allen once



Christoph Waltz: 0/36


NOTE: Has worked with Roman Polanski once



Johnny Depp: 3/58

Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, The Man Who Cried, Lucky Them

NOTE: Has worked with Roman Polanski once



Benicio Del Toro: 2/38

Things We Lost in the Fire, Somewhere

NOTE: Has worked with Bryan Singer once




Jamie Foxx: 0/34





Timothee Chalamet: 4/11

True Deception, Christmas with the Coopers, Miss Stevens, Lady Bird

NOTE: Worked with Woody Allen once



Joaquin Phoenix: 1/31

You Were Never Really Here

NOTE: Worked with Woody Allen once



Matt Damon: 1/60

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron




Matthew McConaughey: 1/46

Thirteen Conversations About One Thing




Christian Bale: 4/42

Little Women, The Portrait of a Lady, American Psycho, Laurel Canyon




Gary Oldman: 2/59

Red Riding Hood, Kung Fu Panda 2




Chiwitel Ejiofor: 2/31

Talk To Me, Savannah

NOTE: Worked with Woody Allen once



Brad Pitt: 1/53

By The Sea, directed by ex-wife Angelina Jolie




Tom Cruise: 0/42


NOTE: Has worked with Bryan Singer once



Paul Dano: 6/31

The Ballad of Jack and Rose, Little Miss Sunshine, The Extra Man, Meek’s Cutoff, For Ellen, Ruby Sparks



Robert Downey Jr.: 1/69

Home for the Holidays

NOTE: Has worked with James Toback three times



Seth Rogen: 4/35

Kung Fu Panda 2, Take This Waltz, The Guilt Trip, Kung Fu Panda 3




Samuel L. Jackson: 3/119

Eve’s Bayou, The Caveman’s Valentine, Unicorn Store




George Clooney: 3/42

Unbecoming Age, The Peacemaker, Money Monster




David Oyelowo: 10/31

Tomorrow La Scala! Shoot the Messenger, Rage, 96 Minutes, Middle of Nowhere, Selma, Five Nights in Maine, Nina, A United Kingdom, Queen of Katwe



Daniel Radcliffe: 0/20




John Cho: 3/47

Bam Bam & Celeste, Reckless, A Happening of Monumental Proportions




Ezra Miller: 2/14

We Need to Talk About Kevin, Madame Bovary




Jonah Hill: 0/38





Ewan McGregor: 4/59

Incendiary, Amelia, Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, Our Kind of Traitor

NOTE: Has worked with Woody Allen once, Bryan Singer once, Roman Polanski once



Zac Efron: 0/21





Jake Gyllenhaal:1/35

Lovely & Amazing




Michael Shannon: 10/66

Chicago Cab, Jesus’ Son, The Woodsman, Water, Marvelous, The Greatest, The Runaways, Return, Elvis & Nixon, What They Had



Rami Malek: 1/14

Buster’s Mal Heart




Dave Franco: 1/22

Bad Meat




Will Poulter: 1/12





Diego Luna: 3/37

Frida, The Comet, The Bad Batch




Channing Tatum: 3/38

Havoc, Step Up, Stop-Loss




Dev Patel: 1/10

The Road Within




Ryan Gosling: 0/24





Joseph Gordon-Levitt: 2/44

Stop-Loss, Havoc




Domhnall Gleeson: 1/26





Liev Schrieber: 5/51

Mixed Nuts, Party Girl, Mad Love, Walking and Talking, The Reluctant Fundamentalist

NOTE: Has worked with Woody Allen once



Sources for the Directors listed in ‘NOTES’:

Woody Allen: Sexually assaulted his 7 year old daughter Dylan Farrow

Brett Ratner: 6 women accuse Brett Ratner of sexual harassment and assault

Bryan Singer: Accused of raping a 17 year old boy

Roman Polanski: Guilty of drugging and raping a 13 year old girl in 1977

James Toback: 38 women accuse James Toback of sexual harassment

Paul Haggis: Accused of rape and sexual harassment by 4 women


Keep your eyes peeled for the Actress Edition of ‘WHO’S WORKING WITH WOMEN?’ during February!


by Chloe Leeson

Chloe Leeson is the founder of Screenqueens. She is 22 and from the north of England (the proper north). She believes Harmony Korine is the future and is pretty sure she coined the term ‘selfie central’. She doesn’t like Pina Coladas or getting caught in the rain but she does like Ezra Miller a whole lot. Her favourite films are Into The Wild, The Beach and Lords of Dogtown. She rants about cinema screenings @kawaiigoff.

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  1. I LOVED the work you did with this list but could you add:

    Robert Pattinson

    He has worked with Mira Nair (Vanity Fair), Daisy Gili (The Summer House), Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight), Claire Denis (High Life)

    Paul Rudd

    Amy Heckerling (Clueless, I could never be your woman), Kari Skogland (The Size of watermelons), Risa Bramon Garcia (200 cigarettes), Anne Heche (Reaching normal), Amy Lippman (House Hunting), Katherine Dieckmann (Diggers), Alethea Jones (Fun Mom Dinner)

    Sebastian Stan

    Georgia Lee (Red Doors), Michelle Schumacher (I’m not here), Karyn Kusama (Destroyer), Stacie Passon (We have always lived in the castle)


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