10 Motivational Movies to Help You Get Your Shit Together in 2018

Artwork by Chloe Leeson

As we embark on a new year, and kick 2017 to the curb, I’ve compiled a list of movies to gear us up for 2018. Each movie is picked to encourage a resolution you might have, and to prove that there really is a movie for everything.

1.La La Land – For the dreamers

La La Land is the quintessential movie for all us starry-eyed dreamers, and a must see for any aspiring actors, jazz connoisseurs or try-hards alike. Emma Stone’s character Mia’s journey to fame is enough to make a believer out of the staunchest realist. Its uplifting message, and stimulating soundtrack, will leave you ready to tackle that big dream, no matter how big it is.

2.Legally Blonde – Dust to 2017

If your resolution for 2018, like most of us at Screen Queens, is to keep on kicking it to the patriarchy, Legally Blonde is the one for you. Whether it’s all about getting rid of that Warner like individual in your life, going after what you want, or simply crushing your enemies and looking amazing while you do it, this movie is your guidebook. Elle Woods’ determination, and handling of work place harassment, makes her a role model for the year to come. Proving women really are capable of anything, because “what like its hard?”

3.The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – Wanderlust

For those set on travelling in 2018, this awe inducing movie will have you booking your first flight tomorrow. Ben Stiller’s Walter Mitty, makes the change from a man stuck living in his head, to one experiencing all that life has to offer. His journey is the real kick up the ass you’ll need, if you hope to be more present in 2018.

4.Eat, Pray, Love – Experiencing new things

If 2018 for you, is all about getting out your comfort zone, either through trying new food, taking up a hobby or experiencing other cultures, this movie is worth a watch. Eat, Pray, Love, the movie adaptation of the successful self-exploration book, is a lesson that anything is possible, at any age, so long as you remain open to the experience.

5.The Perks of Being a Wallflower- Self Care

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a real heartbreaker of a movie, but it is one that is indispensable, for anyone wanting to work on their mental health in the new year. TPOBAW is a hopeful story, that will leave you motivated to make the required changes, or seek the help you’ll need to get better.

6.The Social Network- For the aspiring Entrepreneur

Although, The Social Network in many ways is a cautionary tale on the perils of ruthless ambition, it remains an inspirational one. The resilience, determination and unwavering focus of Jesse Eisenberg’s Mark Zuckerberg, is enough to motivate anyone to finally make moves on their ‘big idea.’ Just maybe don’t screw over your friends in the process.

7.Dead Poets Society- Contribute a Verse

In the hangover of NaNoWriMo, and the 50 book pledge, 2018 for me, like my many others, brings the repeated resolution, to read and write more. This ode to the arts movie, acts as reminder of beauty of words, and how we ought to strive to create more than we consume. 2018 is the time to live deliberately, Carpe Diem folks.

8.The Pursuit of Happyness – Trust the process

Resolutions may not always be about the new, but rather about focusing on and appreciating the now. This heart wrenching movie, urges you, to be grateful for all that you have, while you strive for what you want. This biographical depiction of entrepreneur Chris Gardner, emphasizes the hustle that goes into achieving your dreams, and reminds you to trust in the process

9.Short Term 12 – Hold others up

After the shit show that was 2017, everyone’s resolution ought to be to support one another in 2018. No movie better illustrates the power of holding others up, than Short Term 12. This criminally underappreciated movie, demonstrates the change that can be affected through helping others.

10.Reality Bites – One step at a time

If like me, 2018 for you, is all about navigating the murky waters of adulthood, Reality Bites provides the needed reassurance, that no one else knows what they’re doing either. 2018, is all about one foot in front of the other, and downright just doing your best. The movie follows the lives of four twenty somethings post-graduation, and works to assure you that “all you have to be by the time you’re 23 is yourself.”


Happy Self Improvement folks 😊


by Alannah Fleming

Alannah Fleming is a 24yr old politics graduate from Ireland, who is somehow still surviving in Glasgow. She spends most of her time watching YouTube, regretting not being a teen YouTube sensation, and overall just trying her best. She enjoys bad slasher movies, freaking out at Shonda Rhimes’ story-lines, and all the work of David Fincher. Her favourite movies are La La Land, Gone Girl, Grease and Obvious Child, and you can bet she will fight you to death on why Fight Club (despite its embarrassing fan base) is still a good film. Find her on Instagram at lanafleming and giving Twitter another go at AlannahSFleming.

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