TALK TO THE INTERNET: Sophie Athawes (Popcorn and Glitter)

In ‘Talk To The Internet’, we take the same 10 questions and one internet sensation to find out their loves, hates and their dream casts in the world of film.
Sophie Athawes runs Popcorn and Glitter, a film and lifestyle blog based out of London. She reviews everything from products to food, fashion and beauty and of course, film. She is also a Social Media Manager for Odeon Cinemas and a writer over at MovieRamblings. You can find her on Twitter @SophieAthawes. 
What’s your favourite film and why?
What a question! That’s really difficult. I love so many different types and genre of film so it’s hard to narrow it down. I also find the answer changing depending on my mood. I do get asked this question a lot and so my go-to answer tends to be Leon: The Professional (1994) or Amelie (2001).  I think both are just beautifully directed and have incredible performances. Amelie is visually stunning and Leon is easily the best Gary Oldman performance.
What’s the worst film you’ve ever seen and why?
I’ve seen ALOT of bad movies in my time. Quite a few come to mind but I’ve never actually walked out of a cinema. I came close to it with Transformers and Alien Vs Predator 2. I also recently saw Fast and Furious 8 and that was horrendous.
Last year, I was unfortunate enough to review a film called AAAAAAAAH! for FrightFest. On paper it sounded great –  some amazing comedy cameos such as Julian Barrett and Noel Fielding, and a really interesting concept. What I didn’t realise was that the film has no human dialogue what so ever and all the characters grunt and make monkey noises from start to finish. It was horrific and probably the first film I ever gave 1 star rating to.
I know as someone who studied film that I’m supposed to love films like A Clockwork Orange (1971) and Eraserhead (1977) also but I hate those too. Sorry!
If you could make up your own imaginary film genre what would it be called? 
I’m not great at coming up with catchy names but I’d love to see more women directing action blockbusters like Wonder Woman.
If you were given the opportunity to direct, who would you cast in your dream movie?
Jeff Bridges, Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman, Jon Hamm, Kevin Spacey, Helen Mirren, Robin Wright, Adam Driver. I have no idea what they’d play but I’d make it work.
Who is your favourite female character from Film or TV?
Olive Hoover from Little Miss Sunshine.
In your opinion, what is a seriously under-rated cinematic masterpiece?
There’s quite a few modern classics which come to mind. Personally, I thought Whiplash didn’t get the recognition it deserved, more people need to see that. Slow West (2015) was another fantastic film with a tiny budget; It Follows (2014), Office Space (1999) and Pleasantville (1998).
Rank your top 3 films by your favourite director (if you have one!)
Again, super tricky! I love so many but let’s say Taika Waititi
1. Hunt for the Wilderpeople
2. Eagle vs Shark
3. What We Do In The Shadows
What was the last film you watched?
I just watched The Founder this morning – I love Michael Keaton.
Favourite movie quote?
“A real loser is someone who’s so afraid of not winning he doesn’t even try” Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
And finally, what film are you most looking forward to in the near future?
Right now I’m really looking forward to Dunkirk (Christopher Nolan) and Baby Driver (Edgar Wright) – I think they’ll be two of my top films of the year.
By Chloe Leeson
Chloe Leeson is the founder of Screenqueens. She is 21 and from the north of England (the proper north). She believes Harmony Korine is the future and is pretty sure she coined the term ‘selfie central’. She doesn’t like Pina Coladas or getting caught in the rain but she does like Ezra Miller a whole lot. Her favourite films are Into The Wild, The Beach and Lords of Dogtown. But DON’T talk to her about Paranormal Activity. She rants about cinema screenings @kawaiigoff.

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