MIX: [safe] songs for the Todd Haynes disciple


  1. Playground Love – Air
  2. Fix You – Coldplay
  3. Mourning Air – Portishead
  4. Lie to Me – Devics
  5. Silent All These Years – Tori Amos and Ani Difranco
  6. Karma Police – Radiohead
  7. Breathe No More – Amy Lee
  8. Uninvited – Alanis Morissette
  9. Medicine – Daughter
  10. How Does it Make You Feel – Air

by Brett Ashleigh

Brett is a queer femme from Durham, NC. She examines the sonic characterizations of marginalized bodies in film. She knows every word to The Princess Bride, is a sucker for Center Stage and Bring it On, and considers director Todd Haynes her spiritual soulmate.

She holds an MFA in Sound Design and an MA in Cinema Studies from Savannah College of Art and Design, and is pursuing a PhD in Communications from Simon Fraser University.

Find her at :@brettashleigh on Twitter, @brett.ashleigh on Instagram and https://soundcloud.com/brettashleigh on Soundcloud.

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