The Fob and I is a women-directed webseries seeking support for its second season. It centres around 2 Indian women who take very different approaches to American life. Sita was raised in America and has little time for the fresh of the boat excitement and curiosity of her cousin Jisha who has came over to America from India for the first time. The series focuses on their attempts to get to grips with each others culture as Sita needs to learn about her family ties and origins and Jisha wants to explore the big cities.

Directed by Meenaksi Ramamurthy, a South-Texan Indian, she aims to bring light to diverse voices and experiences through comedy in her writing and directing. The Fob and I’s focus is ultimately on female friendship and accurate representations of South Asians.

Season 2 aims to keep this diversity growing, tackling diversity in America and important issues faced by women in their daily lives. But the project needs supporters, you can contribute to Meenaksi’s project here and if the total goal is reached and the project receives the most ‘follows’ (you don’t have to contribute to follow the project!) then there is an opportunity for her to receive extra funding and even a chance at development deal. Support diverse women voices in media and share with your friends.

You can follow The Fob and I’s social media accounts for news on Season 2 here: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube

…and while you wait you can watch Season 1 episodes here

If you’re a woman involved in film and have a project that needs backers, send us your details and Indiegogo/Kickstarter links to girlsonfilm@outlook.com and we can help spread the word!

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