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coming in may
SPOTLIGHT ON: WOMEN CINEMATOGRAPHERS Though we love the media’s recent focus on the issue of gender disparity in film directors, we at ScreenQueens know that so much of film is collaborative. For this reason, in May we’ll be highlighting the contributions of female DPs.  
WOMEN MAKE MOVIES Be sure to check out our interview with DP Rachel Morrison, who shot films like CAKE, DOPE, THE HARVEST and FRUITVALE STATION. We caught up with Rachel as she was finishing up promotion for HBO’s CONFIRMATION. In this interview, Rachel discusses her favorite themes, how she got started in film-making, and the importance of women in cinematography.
LESBIAN TROPES AND WHERE TO FIND THEM This month we’re calling attention to the trope of the tragic lesbian. Partly originating from Hollywood’s Production Code of 1933, which treated homosexuality as a sin, the tragic lesbian trope is one of the earliest in cinema and is still used to this day.
REVIEWS AND REEXAMINATIONS We’ll take a look at the upcoming thriller MONEY MONSTER, directed by Jodie Foster and set for release on May 13, 2016. Also be on the lookout for our review of DHEEPAN, a 2015 French crime film shot by female DP Eponine Momenceau, FAN, a 2016 Indian thriller edited by Namrata Rao, and THE SESSIONS, a 2012 American independent drama edited by Lisa Bromwell.
TALK TO THE INTERNET Delve into the mind of independent filmmaker Courtney Holschuh, whose short film, “Cleaning Up After People” is making waves at festivals across the country.
Have a topic you’d like to see discussed or a movie you’d like reviewed? Be sure to leave your ideas in the comments section or tweet us @SCREENQUEENZ—we love getting suggestions!
by Juliette Faraone

JULIETTEJuliette Faraone is 25 and feels it. She hails from Indiana and her habits include petting cats, reading books, and annoying her girlfriend with movie trivia. When she finally gets around to grad school, she plans to pursue a degree in gender studies and comparative literature. Her favorite films include Alien, Set It Off, and Meet Me in St. Louis. She rants about feminism at

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