MIX: Loving the Alien – saluting Thomas Newton (The Man Who Fell To Earth)



  1. Venus in Furs – The Velvet Underground
  2. Retrograde – James Blake
  3. Lovely Head – Goldfrapp
  4. In Every Dream Home a Heartache – Roxy Music
  5. Start of My Heart – Joan as a Policewoman
  6. Lullaby – The Cure
  7. Fall Creek Boys Choir – James Blake ft. Bon Iver
  8. Wild is the Wind – Cat Power
  9. Subterraneans – David Bowie
  10. Loving the Alien (Live – Reality Tour) – David Bowie

By Angel Lloyd


ANGELAngel Lloyd is 18 and lives in Newcastle though is currently studying at University of York. A graduate of Northern Stars Documentary Academy and the BFI Screenwriting Academy, she is known amongst family and friends as a film fanatic, her infinite list of favourite movies including: Rear Window, Across the Universe, Pulp Fiction and Silver Linings Playbook. Stuck on an island, she would be content with her two favourite albums, T Rex’s The Slider and The Beatles’ Revolver. Whilst making short films, designing movie posters, blogging at gentlysleeping.tumblr.com , film reviewing at  fine-wines-available-to-humanity.tumblr.com and occasionally quoting Withnail, she also finds the time to obsess over Breaking Bad, Sweeney Todd and Baz Luhrmann films.

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