#moviecrushmonday -A movement of film appreciation


So, we’ve all heard of #ManCrushMonday, a swarm of Benedict Cumberbatch (WHY?) and Tom Hiddleston posts descend upon Instagram and Twitter for the day, as if we all forgot that for the 7th week running you fancy the same celebrity.

I say, fuck Man Crush Monday, and let’s start #MovieCrushMonday. Let’s spread the film love far and wide.

I’ve been trying to push Movie Crush Monday onto my followers for a few months now and want to extend a hand to the wonderful readers of SQ, and any film fans. The premise is fairly simple, choose a film you’ve either recently seen and enjoyed, or an old fave, find a nice still, upload and tweet/Instagram it’s title and director. Instead of staring into gross men’s faces every monday wouldn’t you prefer to look at wonderful cinematography instead? Support up-and-coming film-makers? Give other people the opportunity to find out about the cool films you’ve been watching? Spread the appreciation of film and more specifically given the content of our blog, the appreciation of women and minority film-makers and characters of those similar backgrounds. Hunt out Netflix gems, Sundance indies, long lost classics and B-Movie trash and let people know what’s good!

I’m going to be keeping an eye on the SQ twitter from now on on Monday’s and RT’ing all of our followers #MovieCrushMondays!



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