TALK TO THE INTERNET: Brodie Lancaster (Filmme Fatales)

TTTI Brodie Lancaster
Artwork by Chloe Leeson
In ‘Talk To The Internet’, we take the same 10 questions and one internet sensation to find out their loves, their hates and their dream casts in the world of film.
Brodie Lancaster is a writer/editor hailing from Melbourne, Australia. As well as being a huge One Direction and Kanye West fan, she founded Filmme Fatales, a print zine about the places where feminism and film intersect that has had guest writers such as Tavi Gevinson, Charlie Lyne and Sarah Ramos. When she’s not writing for Rookie, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone and Jezebel amongst countless others, she’s tweeting @brodielancaster or DJ’ing under the solo name of Baby Bonus.
Here she discusses Joe Swanberg, Fee-Fi and her old Maggie Gyllenhaal obsession…
1. What’s your favourite film and why?
I have so many it’s hard to choose! I used to get around this by saying I had a top 5 and, when asked, would always pick lifelong-faves like My Girl, Scream, Adaptation, American Splendor and Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. Now I don’t really know if I have one or even five favourite movies; I can love something I saw once (like The East, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Star Wars, Fried Green Tomatoes) as much as I love stuff I’ve watched a million times (like You’ve Got Mail, The Heat, and Love and Basketball).
2. What’s the worst film you’ve ever seen and why?
I made the terrible decision to see Miss You Already a few weeks ago with two of my girlfriends and am jointly disappointed in Toni Colette, Drew Barrymore and Catherine Hardwicke for that pile of garbage. I was expecting Beaches 2.0 but I got “cancer patient has cancer and also a friend”.
3. If you could make up your own imaginary film genre what would it be called?
Fee-Fi. Like Sci-Fi, but with Feelings instead of Science.
4. If you were given the opportunity to direct, who would you cast in your dream movie?
I spent a lot of time thinking I wanted to be a director—before I fell into my first editorial job and realised I was better suited to talking about movies instead. During that dream period, I was heavily obsessed with Maggie Gyllenhaal, so I’m going to say my past-self’s imaginary dream project as an imaginary director would be a sequel to Don Roos’s Happy Endings that just follows Maggie’s character, Jude.
5. Who is your favourite woman character from Film or TV?
My favourite character is Vada Sultenfuss from My Girl. She’s more “girl” than “woman” (the titular girl, in fact!) but she does get her period in the movie so I guess she becomes a ~woman~!
6. In your opinion, what is a seriously under-rated cinematic masterpiece?
Under the Tuscan Sun
7. Rank your top 3 films by your favourite director (if you have one!)
Okay it’s late at night and I’m using that as an excuse for why I can’t think of another director who has at least 3 films I love, apart from Nicole Holofcener and Joe Swanberg.
My favourites of her films are
1. Please Give
2. Friends With Money
3. Enough Said
and my favourites of his are
1. Happy Christmas
2. Hannah Takes the Stairs
3. Drinking Buddies
8. What was the last film you watched?
I’m currently sitting on a hotel bed watching It Follows—which I talked about in my editor’s letter for issue #6 of Filmme Fatales—with the sound off. I just tweeted “wish there was a way to reverse-mute a TV so i could hear the soundtrack to It Follows without watching the 👻 spoopiness 👺” but secretly Quentin Tarantino kinda ruined the movie for me when he pointed out some very accurate issues with its thriller mythology. (This link has spoilers, PS.)
9. Favourite movie quote?
A tie between when Donna says, “I’ll do this, and then I’ll be in my future” in Obvious Child, and this exchange from Jurassic Park:
Dr. Ian Malcolm: God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs.
Dr. Ellie Sattler: Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth.
10. And finally, what film are you most looking forward to in the near future?
I am very excited to see The Dressmaker, The Martian, Sleeping With Other People, Carol, The Force Awakens, and Freeheld.
By Chloe Leeson

CHLOEChloe Leeson is 19 and from the north of England (the proper north). She believes Harmony Korine is the future and is pretty sure she coined the term ‘selfie central’. She doesn’t like Pina Coladas or getting caught in the rain but she does like Ezra Miller & Dane DeHaan a whole lot. Her favourite films are The Beach, Lords of Dogtown and Into the Wild. But DON’T talk to her about Paranormal Activity. She rants @kawaiigoff.

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