STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS- The Shining: On fonts, Bob’s Burgers and Baseball bats


Stream Of Consciousness is a segment dedicated to the mind ramblings we all have whilst watching movies.

  • I’m watching this movie with my boyfriend, Tom. He’s never seen it. I’ve seen it a few times and I’m in love with it. His roommate Alex is also in the room and we are all talking about how I don’t like other Stanley Kubrick movies and how I hate war movies and generally don’t like Martin Scorsese movies either. I’m picky but I do love The Shining.
  • “Look at this drone shot!” –Tom
  • “What is this font?” –Alex


  • Alex loves that I’m writing down his commentary.
  • “The interview…isn’t that like a totally different movie?” –Alex commenting on the title cards
  • Tom and I were watching Bob’s Burgers the other night and they totally parodied this so I can’t wait for him to see the reference later in the movie.
  • They’re saying “Stefon King” wrote this.
  • “She just looks like a screamer doesn’t she” –Alex upon seeing Wendy talking to Tony. Oh, just wait, my good man. Just wait.


  • Tom is fully engrossed in this long interview scene.
  • The foreshadowing is thick in this interview scene. “Last guy killed his family” “Lol ok”
  • The blood spilling out of the elevator is very relatable because I got my period today.
  • Wendy knows all about Tony. She’s not like a regular mom, she’s a cool mom.
  • I used to really hate Wendy but I’m empathizing with her so much when she is telling the doctor about how Danny dislocated his shoulder— trying to be honest but defend her and her husband’s parenting at the same time. She’s got a lot going on.
  • Danny “What was the Donner party” YOUR FUTURE DANNY MUHAHAH FORESHADOWING
  • Overlook Hotel? More like under-booked hotel amiright because it’s gonna be empty all winter.
  • This tracking shot of them walking through the lobby talking about how fantastic the hotel makes me all heart eyes emoji.
  • “That kid is creepy looking too. His nose is too big for his baby face.” –Tom
  • Plot twist: Pan’s Labyrinth is happening in the maze outside.
  • Alex can predict each line of dialogue as it happens because this writing is so stiff and obvious.
  • This is the food storage room, where you’re gonna be knee-deep in danger later in the movie, can’t you tell from this ominous music?
  • Jack Nicholson would be real cute if he didn’t walk around with that murderous look on his face even before he gets crazy.
  • “She called it shining!” Tom gasps, un-ironically.
  • It’s so hard to watch Jack talk to Wendy. He really hates her from the beginning.
  • “This is like Jack Nicholson playing Jack Nicholson.” – the boys.
  • “Is it Tony opening the door or is it Danny?” –Tom, as Danny tries to open room 237
  • Tom shared a fun fact that they told the kid who played Danny that the movie was about a kid discovering a hotel. He had no idea it was a horror movie until years later! He probably freaked out when he saw it because this movie is horrifying ahahaha.
  • Jack staring out the window = me when I realize how much homework I have to do


  • I heard that for some of the later scenes Kubrick made the actors do about twenty takes of each shot to make them really exhausted and as close to true insanity as possible.
  • Does Jack Nicholson know how scary he is?
  • Does Jack actually do any of the housekeeping things he was brought to the hotel to do?
  • Jack wishes they could stay forever. SPOILER ALERT! HE DOES!
  • Tom just shared another fun fact that there’s a conspiracy theory that Kubrick directed the footage of the moon landings, which is why Danny’s sweater has the rocket on it and there are several other references to space and astronauts throughout the movie. I’m not one for conspiracy theories but I could see Kubrick playing around with that.


  • “Do you remember this from Bob’s Burgers?” I asked Tom during the bar scene. He does and he wants me to stop talking during the movie. We’re all dealing with our fearful anxiety in different ways right now. Who knows, one of us could go CRAZY!
  • “He’s stealing my eyebrow tricks” –Tom, when Jack is talking to Lloyd in the bar
  • I can’t stand the woman in the bathtub oh my god oh my god and Alex and Tom don’t even know its coming but I do and I’m typing so that I don’t have to watch the scene and OH MY GOD HE IS GOING INTO THE BATHROOM SAVE ME I CAN’T LOOK AWAY.
  • This hot bathtub woman has to be like 6’3’’.
  • The heartbeat sounds are killing me.
  • “What the fuck did I just watch?” –Alex
  • Interesting theory: the woman in the bathtub was the lost hiker from the news report? Tom and Alex think so. I guess it makes sense, except how would she get into the hotel?
  • I would love to go to a party with the theme “Jack’s Gold Ballroom 1920s Hallucination”
  • Heartbeat sounds again I’m dying.
  • The heartbeat sounds have now been going on for several minutes and I am so horrified.
  • We’re talking about how the long tangent of Dick coming to Colorado is raising the suspense about what is happening back at the hotel.
  • Tony digs Road Runner.
  • All work and no play and Tom and Alex already knew that Wendy would find that in Jack’s papers. Its not fun watching this with them if they aren’t shocked! Who am I kidding though, we’re all still scared shitless right now.
  • Some poor person had to actually type all those papers, with a new mistake in every line. I hope they are living a wonderful life today.
  • I used to hate Wendy in the scene when Jack is screaming at her in the lobby but now I seriously feel for her. I don’t know why my perspective changed but I love and sympathize with her and really want her to smash his head in with the baseball bat.


  • I totally forgot she DOES hit him with the baseball bat!
  • Wendy locks him in the pantry then just hangs out! Come on girl I love you but you gotta move.
  • If they told this kid that the movie was about a kid discovering a hotel then what the heck did they tell him when he is holding a knife and writing REDRUM on a door?
  • Great zoom into the REDRUM reflection in the mirror.


  • A good Jack Nicholson movie involves Jack getting CUT, amiright? Who here has seen Chinatown, yeah?
  • I think I would have cried if I saw this in theaters when it came out in 1980.
  • I FORGOT ABOUT WHEN HE MURDERS DICK! We are all yelling in Tom’s dorm room right now. RUN DANNY!
  • This maze in the snow is one of the best scenes in any movie ever. Period.
  • I wish I could have been on set to see the blood spilling out of the elevator, to see that all come together and experience the crew’s reactions to having it play out in front of the camera.
  • Wendy is still a champ even after the rough day she’s had.
  • Very satisfied with Jack dying in the end.


  • “The worst part about this movie is this— we just have no answers.” –Tom
  • Tom and Alex wanted more closure than what was given, but honestly I’m just so glad Jack died. I’m happy.
  • Now we’re all dissecting each other’s theories about what the heck we just watched and how we’re definitely not sleeping tonight.

By Alex Hanson


ALEX HANSONAlex Hanson is a Southern California native currently in her sophomore year at NYU, where sheis exploring some combination of writing, physics, and film. She’s a animation fanatic, especially animation that is dark or creepy (think Tim Burton or Over the Garden Wall). You can follow her on Twitter @AlexHanson1316.

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