SHE’S ALL THAT: Abbi Abrams

shes all that Abbi broad city

Artwork by Charlotte Southall

When it comes to Broad City I love both Abbi and Ilana with all my heart – however I feel Abbi is often overlooked due to her counterpart Ilana’s outgoing personality. Keeping that in mind I decided that Abbi is more than deserving of having a piece of writing dedicated to her and how great she is.

In the pilot episode, even though it is evident that every fibre of her being doesn’t want to clean an apartment in her underwear for a creep, she does it anyway because it’ll make Ilana happy. This is one example out of many where Abbi has shown just how much of a loyal friend she is and how she’ll do nearly anything for Ilana. Their friendship is truly unique and the way the two of them bounce off of one another and build each other up is always beautiful to see. Their best friend status is so strong that Abbi can comfortably ask Ilana to get rid of a crap “by any means.” Ilana will practically follow Abbi to the ends of the earth – which shows how much that trust is reciprocated.

What makes her so appealing is the stoic attitude she tries to maintain in the face of dipping her ponytail in toilets and having to clean up “pube situations” – even when it’s evident that all she actually wants to do is lie down, give it up and scream a bit. This, combined with her loveable nature and refusal to let go of her dream of being a successful artist, even when lots people see it unattainable, makes her one of my favourite onscreen characters ever. Throughout the two seasons we see her grow as a person and slowly come out of her shell – the Abbi we meet in the pilot episode certainly wouldn’t have pegged a guy she hooked up with – but mid-series two Abbi does. This haphazard journey we follow her on creates a feeling of “I feel you girl” within definitely myself and I’m sure in others too.

Abbi doesn’t have a lot of money, she puts up with her roommates grim boyfriend and she pretty much wears the same outfit whenever she goes out (although if I looked as banging as she did in that dress so would I) – what I’m trying to say is, is that she’s so real that I challenge everyone to try not to find an aspect of themselves in her. With all this in mind, all I ask is; keep keeping it real Abbi.

By Megan Gibb


Megan Gibb is a nearly 19 year old from Cambridge, based in Manchester for university and has been in love with all things film ever since she can remember. Her fave films are The Terminator, Drive, Forrest Gump and Fight Club but she also has a huge soft spot for 1980’s John Hughes films. Her main interests include shopping for vinyl, eating too much carrot cake and making wall collages of 80’s bands for her and her friends. She can be found on twitter @megang96 and blogs at popdunk.

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