STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS- Stuck in Love: On brow game, Stephen King and middle class white romance


Stream Of Consciousness is a segment dedicated to the mind ramblings we all have whilst watching movies.


-I love this movie so much, this is my 5th time seeing it and oh my god, the feelings.

-Nat Wolff just kills me off, he’s such a good actor, so much promise for the future.

-Also Lily Collins my huuuuuuuge 2013 inspo, those brows.


-Before watching this I already appreciated Stephen King but this was the movie that made me start to collect every last Stephen King book I can get my hands on in charity shops. Currently stands at 42.

-This is 100% my favourite romance movie ever.

-Also it has a wicked soundtrack, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and  Bright Eyes, a thousand times YES

-Yeah, I know that ‘Home’ by Edward Sharpe is such a typical indie darling song choice but it is so uplifting and great its impossible not to love.

-They also have a ridiculously cool house that was basically destined to be in some teen slasher beach flick.


-Pretty sure me and Nat Wolff have the same birthday (check, 1 days difference). He too, has perfect eyebrows.

-Sam and Rusty are both such snooty ‘academia and literature is everything, I smoke pot because I’m creative’ types and I LOVE IT, I LAP THIS SHIT UP LIKE SWEET, SWEET NECTAR.




-Look at him all high and talking about The Beatles in a romantic manner, GET WITH ES

-The ‘hopeless romantics and realists’ monologue serves up so much realness

-Now he’s reading his own poetry, just kill me off.

-I love this family, I love that Bill makes them keep journals and encourages them to write.

-‘A writer is the sum of their experiences’, this line forreal changed my life and has made me do loads of shit just for the crack and ‘memoir purposes’.

-I can literally feel his heart break when he sees her snort coke.



-I usually hate boys in those puffa jackets but Nat works it.

-Awh Logan Lerman the cute larl bab, what a good little egg. He’s so nerdy I could cry with love.

-Greg Kinnear’s nipples are perfectly round.


-Lily Collins in this is basically me on a night out; filled with dry humour, facts and cutting down boys at any given opportunity.

-Her lil piece about favourite books is exactly how I feel whenever guys know I like films and then try to use it against me by asking my favourites so they can try to ‘relate’.

L: Fine, what are some of your favorite books?
S: No, you can’t do that.
L: I asked you.
S: Because you want to know something personal about me. If I tell you what my favorite books are, you’ll say titles that will convince me that we’re soul-mates, or you’ll latch onto one of my favourites and try to convince me it’s one of your favourites, too.

-Now Bon Iver is playing, really, really perfect soundtrack.

-Although, my main criticism of this film is how painfully white and middle class it is. An inter-connecting story or love in a family spanning race, culture, religion and different sexualities would be so interesting.

-The exchange of Stephen King’s ‘IT’ and the Bright Eyes CD is like a dream really.

-Yep, this Between The Bars scene was the reason I got into Elliott Smith, not from the Royal Tenenbaums like most people do.

-Every time I watch this I want to write.

-The fact that Lily Collins is meant to be the same age as me in this movie blows my mind. I am such an under-developed human.

-The scene with Rusty and Kate in the car when she’s passed out is the most heart-breaking thing next to Charlies Final Letter in Perks and the entirety of Bride to Terabithia.


-I love that Kate and Rusty break up cause she knows that only she can fix herself; good writing! Would have been a much easier/less real move to just have it all end up happily ever after.

-Logan Lerman crying in pretty much anything he’s in is just heart-breaking.

-The end with the table place and, oh wow, I’m such a cheese-ball.

By Chloe Leeson

CHLOEChloe Leeson is 19 and from the north of England (the proper north). She believes Harmony Korine is the future and is pretty sure she coined the term ‘selfie central’. She doesn’t like Pina Coladas or getting caught in the rain but she does like Ezra Miller & Dane DeHaan a whole lot. Her favourite films are The Beach, Lords of Dogtown and Into the Wild. But DON’T talk to her about Paranormal Activity. She rants @kawaiigoff.

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