GROUP REVIEW: Avengers: Age of Ultron




I loved the absolute buttons off of the first Avengers movie.  In fact, loved it so much that I saw it five times in the theater. I know that’s an excessive amount, and I didn’t say I was proud.

Age of Ultron had the appearances to be an excellent movie. It promised higher stakes, deeper story lines, and I was not the only one who was bouncing up and down in anticipation for its premiere.

What was the result of this long anticipated movie? In a word, meh.

In a few more words, it is really hard to properly say what to like and not like about the movie because it didn’t really seem finished. There were all of the makings of a good movie—well loved characters played by brilliant actors, explosive action, and a plot dealing with the ever prevalent concern that the internet is going to be a vessel to bring on our ultimate destruction.

Yet when it came to putting all of those things together, nothing jived. The characters were disconnected (including a budding romance that appeared to mostly happen off-screen),  the jokes fell flat, and the villain seemed to be more of a vessel for the writers to make jokes about, er, writing and little much else.

There was wonderful potential for this movie: we got a more intimate look at the heroes, the special effects were stunning and sometimes a little more than other-worldly, and when the jokes didn’t fall flat they were fantastic. However, the lack of cohesiveness and direction hindered this movie from making it as wonderful as it could have been.

Also, on another and final note, I am personally offended by the Black Widow storyline in this movie. Scarlett Johansson deserved better.


So, even though I sort of feel like the super-hero thing is a bit overdone these days (because I was a Batman mega-fan since I first saw Keaton’s 1989 on VHS and have followed X-men since the dawn of time), seeing a new MCU movie is a cultural must. I went into the new Avengers movie with fairly low expectations (because I’m kinda done with it obvs) and they were pretty much met. The thing that’s generally annoying me the most about Marvel movies lately are the villains. They are pants. Not scary, not intimidating and the ‘Age’ of Ultron lasted what like not even a week. how are we supposed to get on board with these traumatic fight scenes and feel vulnerable and scared if I feel like even I could take the baddies on. But to be honest the fighting is probably somehow the most exciting part of the movie. The Maximoff twins also had/have lots of potential but they were barely explored and then the Quicksilver being a hero scene happened (soz, spoiler). The bit with everyone trying to lift Thor’s Mjolnir was the part that felt the most natural, like a few superheroes hanging out poking fun at each other, that’s the kind of content I want, not Tony and Cap arguing all the time to set up things for the next movie. Also, Clint’s entire side-plot was totally out of nowhere? In the last Avengers I thought that everything was hinting at a past relationship between Him and Black Widow and then suddenly…….. he has grown kids and stuff? That leads me to the worst part of the movie. Fuckin hulk and Black Widow; caught me like a deer in bloody headlights and someone had already told me that it happens. It was so out of place, so out of the blue and felt very unnatural, it seems audiences were pushing for more screen time for Black Widow (because she kicks ass) but all they thought they could write for her was a romance? I hope this movie was just a smokescreen for Civil War because if this was the best writing Marvel could do then I’m waving goodbye to the rest of their potential.


I’m not the world’s largest Marvel fan; I am heavily involved emotionally with anything Spider-Man related but the Avengers to me have always been a bit ‘meh’, and I’ve enjoyed the characters standalone films much more. On this occasion the Avengers moved from ‘meh’ to ‘fucking hell I never want to see that again’. The Avengers are walking a very thin line and I don’t think it’s long before the MCU flops.

Firstly, we have the parody that is Tony Stark, where does RDJ start and Tony Stark end? The lines are becoming so blurred Robin Thicke’s about to make a single about it. The man is LITERALLY parodying himself (or his character? I’m honestly just so confused by this point), and becoming a downright annoyance to the whole team, his arguments with Cap to set up the next film distracted from the actual plot of Age of Ultron which I felt was watered down and struggled with ‘middle film’ syndrome for the most part. For those unaware, ‘middle film’ syndrome is exactly what made The Amazing Spider-Man 2 flop; cramming in too many new things and plot points to set up for the next film. Interesting characters such as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver weren’t given nearly as much attention as I’d have hoped, instead opting to de-rail and give Hawkeye a family and work around that.

Marvel also has a major problem with their villains and I strongly believe it’s down to CGI, Loki for instance, incredibly effective and menacing, Ultron (and Thanos by the looks of things), comical and non-threatening, despite how good their voice actors may be and how flashy they can make a fight scene. As is tradition, the fight scenes were some of the more successful parts of the film and it was nice to see Black Widow do what she does best, until the romance plot. I cannot even comprehend how furious this element made me and I share the same frustrations as most women Marvel fans so I do not think I need to explain my sorrow; or the interview with Renner and Evans calling Black Widow a ‘slut’, either.

Marvel is on a downward spiral and with Ant-Man currently not looking too promising for the summer; it’s going to be a hard one to pick up from. With such a vocal and large fan-base it might help to listen to us once in a while and I never thought I’d say this, but currently, I just want to watch The Dark Knight trilogy on repeat.


I always try to be objective about marvel films. That lasts for about 3 minutes until something blow up, someone makes a witty comment and I’m turned into a squealing young child.

This film has issues. It’s not the best in the MCU, not the best written and a bit off with its characterisation. Regardless of this, it’s so fun. I see why it’s hard for people who aren’t enthusiastic about superheroes to love it. It isn’t a stand-alone film, but that’s not what you should be expecting, AOU is just a film to set up a lot of things. It’s very indulgent; lots of comic jokes, MCU references, and my favourite part is that it set up the main villain, The Klaw, for the forthcoming Black Panther film. I just left the cinema ecstatic and I think I enjoyed it with my low expectations. It’s not as empty in its action as many big blockbusters *AHEM* Transformers *AHEM*.

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