STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS- Empire Records: On lip-syncing, angst and happy endings

Stream Of Consciousness is a segment dedicated to the mind ramblings we all have whilst watching movies.


  • Ok so I have no idea what this film is going to be like: it’s a random choice from Netflix as apparently they think I’ll enjoy it……
  • Neon signs – you have my attention, that’s a strong start right there. I like it.
  • OMG RENEE ZELLWEGER looking so nineties it hurts. The hair, the outfit (which is goals to be honest)



  • A teenager smoking cigars… how truly avant garde…. I’m kind of getting pretentious vibes but I may be wrong
  • The Doors references – nice


  • A cast member called Coyote Rivers. My mind is blown
  • I spot a “Rachel” hair-do!
  • Ok this guy is really fucking annoying, is he just odd? Is deliberately being a dick? Either way, I’m not feeling it
  • Oh god. Annoying inane laughing boy alert
  • A tense phone all – I’m sensing impending doom of some kind. Something to do with “the man” screwing them over.
  • Young Liv Tyler looks eerily like Anne Hathaway, it’s very strange. Also I want her jumper.



  • A classic lip-synching to an obscure song scene, always necessary.
  • Ok there is no way that feather duster is going to make any difference, I’m sorry.
  • Shit is about to down – I can feel it
  • He snogged a wall – a wall. I don’t care if it has a mural of Gloria Estefan on it, think of the germs. Think of your health!
  • If anyone in real life hacked out clumps on their hair in a mirror it would look shit
  • She’s buzzing it off
  • Nah she does not have the cheekbones for that cut
  • Lucas is wearing a turtle neck – I knew he was dodgy


  • Slut-shaming. It was going so well as well.
  • Some shampoo would go very far my friend. Just a heads up
  • Big corporation buying out cool independent shop. The struggle is real
  • Ok that was nifty as fuck
  • Dude got wiped out by a car door, that is just embarrassing .
  • This kid has the weakest comebacks.
  • Apparently this film is a comedy……. I have not laughed once. Suggesting that it is failing somewhat *sigh* it had so much potential too.
  • Rap shaming! Rap shaming! I am not happy. Also not liking the racial stereotyping that went along with it
  • Is this guys hair for real? It must be held that way by sorcery or something.
  • Ok the first lip synch scene was enough for me. I do not want another.
  • Make it stop
  • “I’m trying to say I’m sorry” how many times is that line said in films. A fucking lot. *Yawn*
  • Ah young love, it can be so very cruel.
  • Oh fucking hell not Dire Straits – this soundtrack is made up of so many artists I hate
  • Oh no. Oh no.
  • Oh god this is creepy. He’s old and she’s young.
  • Yep – it was grim
  • The big 3. He went there
  • Annnnnd it’s not reciprocated. Yikes
  • Angst and more angst. I can’t take much more unhappiness, for a comedy too.


  • All this drama and the plot is still so dry. Sort. It. Out. Not even a crappily acted fight can improve my mood.
  • More slut shaming – girl on girl shaming too. This film sucks
  • Store trashing in a fit of anger. How incredibly original. I’ve never seen that before.
  • I’ve just taken a quick look at Rotten Tomatoes: it got 24%. I rest my case.
  • The. FUCK. I-
  • I am so confused. She is pretending to be dead. Why. What is happening, it is like another film has just begun within this one.
  • We said fucking horrible things to each other and now magically everything is all- good again, these characters have surprisingly thick skin.
  • Damn it’s gone shoot em up style
  • Ok this bit’s pretty cool. I will admit. I like me an impromptu get to together to create something awesome
  • A dramatic job quit . Always needed in a teen movie
  • Cheeky 4th wall break. Love it
  • And it’s done, all wrapped up in a conveniently happy ending.


By Megan Gibb

MEGAN GIBBMegan Gibb is a nearly 19 year old from Cambridge, based in Manchester for university and has been in love with all things film ever since she can remember. Her fave films are The Terminator, Drive, Forrest Gump and Fight Club but she also has a huge soft spot for 1980’s John Hughes films. Her main interests include shopping for vinyl, eating too much carrot cake and making wall collages of 80’s bands for her and her friends. She can be found on twitter @megang96 and blogs at popdunk.

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