This Is 99.9% What The Mulan Casting Will Look Like When It’s Announced‏

live action mulan casting

Artwork by Chloe Leeson

Disney have been announcing a slate of live-action movie adaptations over the last few weeks, all of which are stories they have originally told in animated form. Because what we all need right now are more remakes, retellings and rehashes of other films. Thanks Cinderella for reintroducing the fairy tale trend – I’m honestly so excited for more innovative movies from Disney. Good job, guys.

The one I am pumped most for, though, is obviously Mulan. And you should be too. A super cool lady kicking a good amount of arse defending her family’s honour and country – what’s not to love?
While the film, as of yet, hasn’t been cast, I thought to step into the mind of a Hollywood casting director and give the job a go myself (going off the back of characters in the original movie). Can’t really be that hard now, can it?
Jennifer Lawrence as Hua/Fa Mulan
a copy
I can’t even tell the difference between Katniss Everdeen and Mulan.
Channing Tatum as Captain Li Shang
Channing Tatum is having a moment. He isn’t just a dude with plenty of muscle. He’s a dude with plenty of muscle and can show some real emotion when he wants to. Imagine that. (Can totally see JLaw and Tatum hooking up.)
Dwayne Jonhson as Shan Yu
The villain can’t be, you know…(see where I am going with this?).
All the other Huns in the film will also be of a similar complexion to Johnson. Kind of like Avatar: The Last Airbender where all the fire nation looked like Dev Patel and, funnily enough, none of the other non-villain cast did. Wonder why that is…
Andy Samberg as Mushu
He’s a funny guy, yeah?
Danny McBride as Yao, Simon Pegg as Ling and Nick Frost as Chien Po
Three comedy geniuses – and a bonus, everyone loves these guys. Mixing up the diversity a little bit with a Brit duo, too.
Ken Watanabe as Fa Zhou, Mulan’s dad
Doesn’t really matter that he is Japanese, the audience won’t notice the difference. He would have adopted Mulan (played by Jennifer Lawrence) when she was a child. Growing up she had to struggle with being a white girl in an Asian country. (Very relatable.) Think Jaden Smith in The Karate Kid, except where everyone else is actually white and they’re pretending to be Chinese. Trials and tribulations of white people and their race are really important stories to tell, folks.
All this has got me even more hyped. JLaw as Mulan? Think about it. How can that not be a good decision? From one whitewashed character, to the next. It’s almost as if it were meant to be.
Can’t wait until they announce a Pocahontas film with all white people (and a token Native American) too. Cheers Disney for having so much faith in your audience. I am sure you’re not going to be paying any attention to that petition going around now, are you?

CHEROKEECherokee is a 20-something year old weirdo based in London. She has a morbid fascination with Justin Bieber, is a collector of toys and cute hats, and enjoys musing on popular culture, marathoning Dragon Ball Z, reading comics and napping. Her favourite films include Akira, the LOTR and original Star Wars trilogy, The Matrix, The Warriors, Blue Valentine, My Own Private Idaho and anything that has been touched by the gods she worships (David Lynch, Jean Cocteau and Satoshi Kon). You can find her atcherokeeseebalack.tumblr.comand tweeting @TheCherokeeElf

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  1. Boi I swear. That twitter post was a joke. You don’t actually think they’re gonna make the Mulan cast white? Please leave and stop being so gullible to believe eveuthing on the internet. K bye.


    • this post was from a long time ago after the film was announced. They have since said that they will be doing an all-Asian cast. This post was also satirical in mocking the way that previous adaptations and casting for roles of people of colour have went down.


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